Geneva to Annecy by rail

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    22 May 2015 at 10:53:02 #807276

    We are trying to buy tickets to travel by rail from Geneva to Annecy on August 15. I asked you about this in March and you suggested I wait until later to book. I’ve left it until the past week and there is now a train listed, leaving Geneva at 12:00, going via Aix-les-Bains-le-Revard, arriving in Annecy at 14:07. However, I continue to get the message “This trip cannot be processed”. Does that mean it cannot be processed YET and if I wait a little longer I’ll be able to book, or does it mean it can’t be processed AT ALL? If this is the case, what’s my next step?

  • Arno
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    22 May 2015 at 15:17:09 #843317

    Hi johnhalf,

    Thanks for getting back here. I don’t know what that message means. But you can buy a ticket now: I found a 11:30 connection, also arriving in Annecy at 14:07, though n/tgv-lyria-7275 for AUD 34. This is a ticket without seat reservations (as they’re not required there), so you can also use it for any other train.

    Removed user
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    23 May 2015 at 10:38:59 #843318

    Thanks Arno – I’ll try that.

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