Glacier Express stops and reservations

  • udayaditya
    42 posts
    17 August 2016 at 23:09:47 #809919


    I am a bit confused about the Glacier Express train.

    1. Does this train stop at Filisur?

    2 Can I make a reservation till Filisur from Brig?

    3 As I can find out the whole journey has 4 sections. Is the whole journey undertaken in the same train or do we have to change the train for each section?

    Thanking you all


  • ssd1966
    8 posts
    18 August 2016 at 5:58:23 #855246

    Yes it stops there. I reserved on the glacierexpress website and used a travel pass. The train is one journey but there are local trains which do the same route. You need about 4 trains to cover the journey using these. Make sure you look for GEX on the timetable

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