Global Pass and Travel in 3 countries

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    We plan to be in France, Switzerland and Italy for about 16 days and are planning to but the 15days global eurail pass. I tried to find information about the validity of this pass on various routes and have following questions. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. International high speed trains – Is it true that I just pay the reservation fee? How cheap is the resrvation fee compared to full price fee- Are there only limited seats for pass holders and if I dont get it, do I have to pay full price? For example, TGV from Paris to Geneva and Thalys from Rome to Paris

    2. For travel inside switzerland, we plan to go from Geneva to Interlaken, interlaken to jungfoujouh and back, interlaken to Lucern, Lucern to Chur, Chur to Tirano on Bernina express – Do I get to travel for free on RE, R, IC, IR trains if I have the pass? Do I just hop-on and hop-off

    3. For italy tavel, we plan to go from Tirano to Venice to Rome – Will this all be covered by the pass?

    Thanks much.

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    Hi akshaykedia,

    Welcome to MySwissAlps! Basically train lines as shown on the map are either free or discounted. That goes for any train on the line, regardless of the train type. Some trains, mainly the ones outside of Switzerland do require to book seats in advance, which needs to be paid for separately. Usually it’s a small amount. There are indeed some trains with limited seats for Eurail Pass holders. If you select your pass type while booking seats you will see the options. I don’t think this is a limitation for Paris to Geneva (TGV Lyria). If a train is booked out there’s always another train.

    I think if you read all the information on the linked pages things will be clear for you. If not, feel free to post back here.

    By the way, Thalys train operate between France, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, not in Italy.

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