Recommended hotels Lucerne, Interlaken & Montreux

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    6 May 2016 at 22:06:31 #809118


    We (my wife and I ) are heading to Swiss next week and we’d like to get inputs on hotel selection.

    The following list is where we have booked and if you can let us know of pros/cons or better places, it will be great:

    Lucerne: Altstadt Hotel Magic Luzern (3 days)

    Interlaken: Hotel Alpenruh or Hotel Blume (3 days)

    Montreux: Hotel Parc & Lac (2 days)

    Zurich: Swissotel Zurich (1 day)

    We are particularly interested in where to stay in Interlaken area.

    Due to weather (rainy?), we are thinking if it might be beneficial to base in Interlaken, not Murren or nearby.

    By the way, our budget is under $200/night and complementary breakfast is a big plus.

    Thank you in advance.

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    7 May 2016 at 16:19:57 #851662

    Hi Concerto27,

    I don’t know those hotels, so cannot provide direct answrs to your questions.

    However, My Swiss Alps does have recommended hotels in three places:

    1.- Under each city listing on the “Where to go” tab, and,

    2.- Under the “where to Sleep” tab commodation, and,

    3.- antrip/doityourself/sa vemoney


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    Hi concerto27,

    I haven’t heard of Hotel Alpenruh before. Are you sure it’s in Interlaken?

    The hotel in Zurich is not the most scenic location, but if it’s just a one night stay in order to have an easy transfer to the airport it’s fine.

    Interlaken indeed makes sense if good transport options are your priority. The hotel you picked is just a few minutes from the Interlaken West train station.

    The hotel in Montreux is in a good location, close to the train station and lake, but it does not have the best reviews. You may want to consider the Eurotel Riviera and Eden Palace au Lac. I don’t know you’re exact travel dates so I don’t know if they’re still available, but they seem to be within budget. Both are in good locations. The first is closer to the train station.

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    8 May 2016 at 13:39:17 #851664

    Hi Arno-

    Isn’t there an Alpenruh in Wengen?


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    8 May 2016 at 13:57:20 #851665

    Hi Concerto27 –

    River views in Luzern add a lot to a hotel stay.

    You might look into Hotel des Alpes.

    It is on the My Swiss Alps list of ideas for Luzern.

    Nice rooms, good views, kitchen is nothing special. Plenty of other places to eat, though.


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    Thank you so much for the response.

    Looks like it’s bit late to book the recommended hotels at this time (either sold out or too expensive at this point).

    I suppose I am okay with my choices in Lucerne, Montreaux and Zurich for now.

    For Interlaken area, after doing more research, I wonder if Wengen or Lauterbrunnrn might be better.

    The forecast is pretty much rain at this time (May 14 ~ May 23); so, it may be muddy based on some inputs I got.

    For Wengen, I have Hotel Falken and for Lauterbrunnen, Hotel Silberhorn.

    Alpenruh Klum in Wengen seems to be available too (the other Alpenruh I mentioned in the original post is the one in Murren).

    Once again, thank you all for your time.


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    8 May 2016 at 16:06:08 #851667

    Hi Ryan- the forecasts are not reliable more than a day or two in advance in the mountains. Highly changeable during even one day. Microclimates abound in Switzerland.

    It’s true that the higher trails will not be open then.


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