Hotel reservations necessary in September?

  • Vlasta
    41 posts
    23 June 2010 at 15:18:06 #803875

    Our family of 5 adults will be traveling across switzerland the first 2 weeks in Sept. using the trains. We will need 2 rooms each night. We are working on our itinerary, but wonder if we need to plan the whole trip and make reservations before we leave home for hotel rooms? Or is it fairly easy to find rooms once you arrive in a town. We like smaller towns and smaller inns.

    Would the weather be much cooler at that point than mid summer? What kind of clothing would be appropriate for Sept. weather?

    Do all the train stations have luggage lockers? Thank you once again!

  • Wandermann
    260 posts
    24 June 2010 at 3:17:40 #831449

    Hello Vlasta – although it will be less crowded in September than in July and August and hotels will be be less occupied too, it’s just what feels best for you. Since you need two rooms each night, you could consider booking hotels in advance, just to make sure. My guess would be that there would be no problem finding hotel rooms, but you never know. Here is some information about hotels. If you only want to stay in smaller towns and inns, just e-mail the tourist bureaus in the towns of your choice.

    As for your question about the weather conditions I will have to give you the same answer: you never know! I was in Switzerland during fall once (October), and it was warm like in Summer. But the weather in Switzerland is often unpredictable, so if I were you I would take clothes for all types of weather, which I would also suggest if you would go in Summer… Perhaps this and the information on this page can help (scroll to “The weather in Switzerland”).

    About luggage lockers: generally spoken any larger railway station has luggage lockers, but I found this site about train stations – this may help you too.

    Lots of success and I hope you will have a nice trip!

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