How safe is Switzerland & Zurich at 10 PM?

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    10 August 2016 at 12:53:49 #809843

    Hello-we will be arriving in Zurich by train late night around 10pm, is that safe. Pls advise, thanks,

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    11 August 2016 at 8:05:07 #854947

    Hi adeb1950:

    Welcome to My Swiss Alps:

    <“Hello-we will be arriving in Zurich by train late night around 10pm, is that safe. “>>

    Yes. The station itself and region of the town near the river, and in the old town on both sides of the river near the station is quite safe, much safer than some of the areas, for example, near Antwerp station in Belgium, stations in many southern European cites, or some parts of New York City. Even at that time, the station will be quite busy.

    Due north of the station ( check a map) is a public park on the land between the River Sihl and the River Limmat, behind the large museum.,248192&z=25 6

    At various times, that has been a place to avoid at night. There should be no reason for you to go there at night, because there are no hotels there.

    As with all modern cities, you will want to to be careful with your luggage, and even very safe Switzerland has some areas that are not good for a novice tourist at night.

    Public transport, or an expensive taxi can get you to your hotel, and many in the regions near to the station are very safe to walk to.

    Where are you staying in Zürich? A specific location would allow better comment. Are you going onward from Zürich that night?


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