Interlaken to Thun by Cruise

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    I’m planning my trip from Interlaken West to Thun on a thursday in July and have bought a Swiss Travel Pass.

    Having trouble putting an itinerary for Interlaken West to Thun by Cruise/Boat. I will need to catch a 4:01pm train from Thun to Montreux.

    1. Can anyone help to advise what is the earliest time I can catch a cruise from Interlaken West to Thun? From my reading of the schedule ( rt/fahrplan-brienz-sommer-15.pdf), it seem the first cruise departs Interlaken West at 11:03am.

    2. Ideally, I will be bring my luggage on board and hoping to drop off for a few castle visit on the way to Thun. Is that possible and how do I go about it.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Roy,

    1. The schedule you’re referring to is for Lake Brienz. You need the one for Lake Thun: schifffahrt/fahrplan-thun-sommer-15.pdf. Further information about the boats is here.

    2. You can take the 11:10 AM boat from Interlaken West, get off in Spiez or Oberhofen for example, and take the next boat after an hour.

    Have a wonderful day trip on the lake!

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    22 June 2015 at 1:27:08 #843887

    Thanks heaps Annika for your help.


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