Junior Travelcard for Bernese Oberland Pass

  • Ornitheology
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    5 July 2015 at 22:13:37 #807516

    Am planning to buy 2 6-day adult Bernese Oberland Passes and have 4 children traveling with us all the time. When I type in our details on this website it says 2 adults £207 each – 2 children full fare £22 each and 2 children Junior Travelcard £0 each. This totals £458. Do I still need to buy a junior Travelcard or am I buying one (thus the 2x £22) and the 2 children that are free???

    I read also that you buy the Junior Travelcard for £22 for the first 2 children and subsequent children are free?

    I am confused about what I need to buy. If I buy the above for £458 do I need to buy any more tickets/passes/travelcards?

    Thank you for any clear advice.



  • Arno
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    6 July 2015 at 8:52:51 #844258

    Hi David,

    Thanks for joining us! You live in the UK, right? In that case you’d go to swisstravelsystem.co.u k/ en/products/ regionalberneseoberlan dpass, click Order Now, and enter 2 adults and 4 children. I indeed noticed that they won’t provide the 3th and 4th Junior travelcard for free. I will ask them whether they can change that. So for now you can select “Full fare ticket” for child 1 & 2, which gets them a Junior travelcard for GBP 21 each. And select “Junior Card” for child 3 & 4 (as if they already have a Junior travelcard).

    Now, for your 3th and 4th child you can get the free cards by going to a staffed Swiss rail station, showing the other two Junior travelcards and your passports with the birth dates of the children. It’s explained here.

    Your total spendings are GBP 456. Shipping is free.

    By the way, as far as I know the Junior travelcard is free from the 3th child, not just for the 3th child. If not, they’ll be able to tell you that at the rail station and sell you one more card.

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