Montreux to Luzerne with swiss pass

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    5 April 2013 at 12:52:08 #805892

    Hi, we are staying in Montreux(in and out from Geneva) on May 27,28,29. Initially we were planning to go to Jungfrau. Since we want to experience rotairs and gondolas, we want to go to Titlis in one of the days. We are planning to buy swiss pass for 3 of us(14yr teenager) so that we can use the pass from Geneva to Montreux, goldenpass line, Chocolate train and for rot air tickets.
    Can you please answer to my specific questions below?

    1) Is the Swiss Pass covered 100% from Montreux to Luzern/Engelberg on Goldenpass line? or is it covered 50%?
    2) Is it covered 100% or 50% on Chocolate train?
    3) Is one day enough to go to Titlis? we want to catch the early morning goldenpass line train and plan to reach Engelberg by 12 or 1pm. We don’t know how much time is needed to stay and look around at Titlis? what is the average time people spend in that area?
    4) We want to start getting back to Montreux by regular regional train at the most by 4pm.

    Please let me know going to Titlis is possible this way or we’re rushing ourselves?


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    7 April 2013 at 9:42:18 #838328

    Welcome to the forum Sammy! The Golden Pass line is for free with a Swiss Pass, except for seat reservations; the Chocolate train is discounted (please find rates here). The Swiss Pass page provides further details, including a downloadable validity map.

    A day trip to the the Titlis from Geneva is doable but very ambitious, especially if you want to do this by Golden Pass. The earliest option would be to leave by 06.33am, but that would get you up to the Titlis as late as 2 pm approximately. You could spend about one or two hours there (which is enough to enjoy the views) before returning via the most direct route (Lucerne-Bern-Geneva). You’d be back by 8 or 9 pm. If you don’t mind such a long day, this is an option of course. You can enter your trip in the SBB timetable for details on all connections. Enter ‘Kleintitlis’ and mention Gstaad and Spiez as via-stations to get information on the Golden Pass route. Note that there are gorgeous viewing points closer to Geneva as well, such as:

    • Glacier 3000 near Gstaad. It’s about a 3 hour train and bus ride to the valley station;
    • the Stanserhorn from Stans near Lucerne. This is still quite far away, but closer to Lucerne than Engelberg. It’s an adventurous ride as you can get on top of the cable car roof and experience the ride in open air;
    • Rochers de Naye, Les Pleiades, Mont Pèlerin or Les Avants near Lake Geneva.

    I hope this helps you decide.

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    7 April 2013 at 12:47:55 #838329

    Hi Sammy. Just to make sure you don’t spend more than you should: you don’t need a Swiss Pass for the 14 year old teenager. Provided that he/she is your child, you can order along a free STS Family Card with your Swiss Pass to cover all of his/her travels.

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    7 April 2013 at 15:20:50 #838330

    Thank you, Annika for your replies. Thanks for maintaining such an awesome website!!!
    It’s really been so much help for people who do not know much about travel in Europe.

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    8 April 2013 at 13:04:59 #838331

    You’re welcome Sammy, glad we could help!

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