Need advice – 4 days in Switzerland (end of March)

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    5 February 2016 at 3:14:28 #808375

    Dear All,

    My husband and I will be arriving in Geneva Monday March 28th and plan on staying for 4 days.

    We both enjoy nature/outdoors but I am wondering if the weather will be suitable for hiking at the end of March?

    I would really appreciate your advice for a travel itinerary (Tuesday-Friday) that would allow us to see the highlights of switzerland but also allow us to enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

    My intial thought was to purchase a 4 day swiss travel pass and select a plan that is on their website.

    thank you very much for any advice you have!


  • Annika
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    5 February 2016 at 9:12:49 #848202

    Hi shelleyk, thanks for joining us!

    The end of March isn’t a typical hiking season. Routes at higher elevations will still be covered by snow, and spring will probably not have set in yet in the lower regions. You may want to focus on scenic train trips, boat rides and mountain top visits instead. I don’t know whether you want to make day trips from Geneva or whether you plan to cross the country by train, spending the nights in several towns. Here are some pages to start off with:

    Information on the Swiss Travel Pass, including its validity and purchase options, can be found at our Swiss Travel Pass page.

    Does this get you started?

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