On-line Swiss site for sending gifts?

  • Removed user
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    27 September 2011 at 12:21:35 #804776

    This is off topic from most of this board, but I found great help on this site when traveling this summer. I stayed with family and, unfortunately, didn’t bring gifts with me. I’d like to send them something, but it’s very expensive to ship a package from the states. Are there “Amazon” or “Ebay” like sites in Switzerland for buying things and having them delivered? I’m leaning toward a case of wine or a bottle of scotch.

    Thanks, Larry

  • Arno
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    30 September 2011 at 10:59:54 #834478

    Hi Larry,

    There’s ebay.ch and tradus.ch. And there are specialized shops such as this wine website.

    Removed user
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    14 November 2011 at 7:19:22 #834479

    I would agree on a bottle of wine being one of the best gifts you can decide on. It is simple but it is also very elegant and meaningful. You definitely show that you made an effort because of choosing one special bottle from such a variety of available ones. So a wine gift delivery is the perfect choice. 🙂

    Removed user
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    17 November 2011 at 20:01:15 #834480

    It appears that this site only delivers to UK: http://www.serenatawines.com

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