Paragliding, bungeejumping, canoyning, where?

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    Hi, we are a small group of students, travelling all over the world for a year between studies. We are planning to stay in Switzerland for at least a month, mainly in youth hostels so that we can spend our money on things we love to do: bungeejumping, river rafting, paragliding, challenging hikes, canoyning and all that jazz! We are looking for every tip concerning the above. Does anyone know where paragliding is possible in the Bernese Oberland? Does anyone have any links to where to find youth hostels? And so on, and so forth… We will be grateful for any suggestion, as this trip comes unexpected for the lot of us.

    By the way, you guys run a great website! We’ve already read about Swiss Passes, but are still a bit confused. Hopefully you don’t mind us asking questions?

    Thanks very much,

    The Sportscrew!

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    Hello Sportscrew,

    There are lots of adventurous outdoor activities available in the Bernese Oberland. Interlaken is a centre for many of them. Several outdoor companies are based here and in some nearby villages. Please make sure to book your activities with one of these companies at all times and not to get out there on yourself. These sports are wonderful, but they can be dangerous if ill prepared or ill guided. Among the activities are paragliding (a splendid experience!), skydiving, bungee jumping and rafting at the Saxet river.

    Some details: paragliding can be done from several locations. I’m not sure if you have experience yourself, but if not, you’ll have to book for a tandem flight along with an instructor. The higher your location, the longer the flight lasts and – of course – the more you pay. Paragliding locations around Interlaken include Beatenberg (which I once did myself and which I highly recommend), the Niederhorn and Schynige Platte. Some companies also offer training courses, but this is of course expensive and I don’t know if a one month stay would suffice. Bungee jumping is possible on a number of locations as well, for example from a cliff over the Lütschine river or from the Stockhorn cable car wich leaves from Zweisimmen.

    Here are some outdoor companies:

    Youth hostels can be found in this area as well, most of them in the larger, more touristy resorts such as – once again – Interlaken. Please take a look at our accommodation links to find out more. You’ll find some overviews of backpacker hotels and youth hostels here.

    Of course you’re more than welcome to post your questions on Swiss rail passes as well. If you can provide more information on the trips you plan to make, we’ll be able to help you better.

    Have fun preparing for your stay!

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    Although not a hostel, the Hotel Mittaghorn in Gimmelwald (below Mürren, above Lauterbrunnen) is very reasonably priced and is a lovely location. There are innumerable hikes in the Berner Oberland and paragliding out of Mürren and over the Lauterbrunnental is (according to my Frau) an unforgettable experience. Enjoy die Schweiz.

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    Hi, thanks a lot for the information you gave. We knew nothing, we know a bit more now! We have more questions about Railway Passes, but for that I’ll move to the other section of your forum. And cuda383, also thanks to you, we will look at the hotel in Gimmelwald! By the way, my father told me about a cannoyning accident some years ago and he was there at the time. You can imagine his concern so yes, we will be very careful and won’t to anything without consulting or using an outdoor company.

    Does anyone know if reservation is necessary for youth hostels in Switzerland? Wow, we used Google Earth to look at all the mentioned places, it must be wonderful.

    Thanks again – and for the other questions, we will moving up to the Swiss Rail forum.

    We are getting more enthousiastic every day!!!

    The Sportscrew!

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    4 May 2010 at 10:34:58 #831190

    Hi Sportscrew, yes, I’d recommend to make reservations even for youth hostels. They can be packed, especially in high season. But it’s been a while since I made use of youth hostels myself ;-), so I can’t tell a lot about the present circumstances.

    Bye, Jules

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