Rail transfer time

  • traveljet
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    8 August 2012 at 23:54:45 #805523

    Hi there,

    We arrive in Zurich International Airport at 8am 18th Sept 2012.

    1. Is it possible to catch the 9.47am train to Interlaken in time? We will have to retrieve our luggages (cabin crew pull on size bags) before taking the train.

    2. Travelling on 2nd class Inter regio train, is there room near our seats (using the Swiss flexi pass) for the luggages (1 per person) on the trains? If not, is there a luggage rack up front or behind and is there a lock or do we have to keep an eye on the bags all the time?

    3. When I checked the train schedule 9:47am Zurich to Interlaken West, passing through Lucerne for a more scene ride, I see there are two transfer which are only 5 mins apart. Is it possible to really transfer in 5 mins from one platform to another?

    a. Arriving in Lucerne 10:49am Platform 6 – then transfer to Platform 12 for the 10:55am to Interlaken Ost.

    b. Arriving in Interlaken Ost at 12:55pm – then take the 1pm to Interlaken West.

    4. From Interlaken West, we catch the Bus to Beaternberg which leaves Interlaken West hourly (8 mins past the hour).

    Appreciate your advice and input. We know there are trains from Zurich to Interlaken via Bern but we heard that the route via Lucerne, Breinz is more scenic.

    5. After a week in Beatenberg, we head for Wengen. Is it possible to bring our pull on luggages on board the trains esp local ones to Wengen?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Annika
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    10 August 2012 at 7:54:04 #836911

    Hi traveljet! I think you should be able to catch the 9.47 train. You don’t have to reserve seats, so if you do miss out on the train you planned, you can simply get on the next one. Generally, 5 minutes for your transfer is enough. But if you have a lot of luggage to carry around and don’t feel safe about it, just plan to get on the next train to Interlaken. And yes: the ride via Lucerne and Brienz is very scenic and I’d definitely recommend it.

    Your luggage won’t be a problem. There’s luggage space near the seats and there are separate storage compartments at the end of each carriage. The trains to Wengen are quite small, but it’s the only way to get up there and all travelers take along their luggage. If you’re unsure, just consult the train personnel.

    325 posts
    11 August 2012 at 4:37:28 #836912

    ok. Thanks Annika.

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