Renting cars to travel from country to another

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    7 May 2010 at 16:03:07 #803813

    dear Annika

    i have some additional questions if u please

    How about renting cars? is it economic or not ?
    If i rent a car from paris is it possible to return it in another european country provided there`s a similar agency of course?????
    what kind of fuel is common and if the car i rent is diesel fueld how much it cost to full fuel a small car ???

    waiting for ur gently reply

  • Annika
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    8 May 2010 at 2:54:14 #831237

    Hello Eamy, I don’t have any experience with car rental myself. A link to current fuel prices can be found on our page on cheap traveling. The most common fuel in Europe is EURO 95, but it’s named differently in each country. In Switzerland it’s called Bleifrei 95. You should try and calculate if car traveling is a more economical option than traveling by train. Train traveling can be recommended though, as it’s very convenient and – especially in Switzerland – an attraction in itself.

    Whether it’s possible to pick up your car in one country and deliver it in another, depends on the specific rental company. Some of them, which operate in Switzerland, can be found on the Geneva Airport hotel page.

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    8 May 2010 at 12:21:22 #831238

    thx dear

    it`s soooo kind of uuuu

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