Best mode of travel in Europe with wheelchair

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    I am planning a trip from Amsterdam to Germany to Switzerland to Belgium and back to Amsterdam this May June 2017. Can anyone suggest should one drive or take train trip. I have a daughter who is wheelchair bound, which is why we where little inclined towards drive. All suggestions in this regard will be welcome. Kindly advise.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Welcome to MySwissAlps Sukesh!

    All long distance international trains that I know of are accessible for wheelchair users, including the toilet. I don’t have details regarding the other countries, but for Switzerland you can start here:

    Basically nothing is stopping your from using the excellent train system there, but I would recommend to carefully check the places you wish to visit. I don’t expect too many problems in general, but smaller cableways might be an issue, as well as some steep streets or old streets with cobble stones. So do pick hotels at walking distance from the train stations. The hotel section can help with that.

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