Swiss Alps by rail in October

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    HI everyone. We are planning a trip to Switzerland at the end of this coming October and very keen to do the train from Zurich, to Geneva, via Chur, Andermatt, Brig etc. Our kids (9 & 7yo) are keen to see mountains and snow (we come from the desert). Everything seems to close up towards to end of October but is confusing as I thought this would be start of ski season (not being a skier I really have no idea though). Is this train route possible at the end of October and if we wanted to break the journey in the middle where would you recommend? Much of Andermatt and Brig etc seem to close up around mid October? Is it possible to see glaciers in October? Any advice would be most welcome!

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    Hi Jennyburung,

    Welcome to MySwissAlps! Ski season doesn’t start until mid December, although it varies by the area and the weather of the season. Until that time, hotels in smaller towns in the mountains may close. Some cable cars close as well, either until the ski season or until spring. Andermatt might be quiet in late October. Brig is a fairly large town by Swiss standards and could be a good place to stay, depending on what you want to do and see.

    Trains operate all year round. Glaciers are there all year round too, but cable cars to get close to them might be closed in some cases. Zermatt is one of the best places to see snow and glaciers while it’s not winter yet.

    More information:

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