Swiss Pass can not be purchased by Swiss residents

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    Happy New Year Wishes to MySwissAlps forum.

    I am Manish from India. I have been working in Switzerland, Basel since May 2010, and living on L permit.

    I live in Basel, for say 6 months and then 6 months in India.

    Am I eligible for Swiss Pass, as I have read somewhere that The Swiss Pass can not be purchased by residents of Switzerland.

    Please guide me.

    If it is not possible, than can I use EuRail (which is for Swiss Residents)? Will it cover same features and benefits like Swiss Pass.

    If I am travelling with EuRail Swiss Pass and other person with Swiss Pass, is it possible to board same train, using the different paas, or EuRail pass will have some difference in routes and benefits.

    Please help.


  • Annika
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    6 January 2012 at 8:40:35 #834623

    Hello Manish, and best wishes to you too! As long as you have a Indian passport, you are eligible for a Swiss Pass and you don’t have to use a Eurail Pass. All specifics, including prices and a validity map, can be found at the Swiss Pass page.

    Best regards,

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