Swiss pass questions

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    Back Again. Briefly there will be 6 of us traveling in Switzerland for 8 days. We are going to each buy a Swiss pass buy one get one. This will give us all unlimited travel for the full time we are there with little worry about getting tickets except for the Jungfrach trains. Seems like a good deal for $260 CHF. here is the question. On the 8th day we will be splitting up 3/3. Three heading to Italy and 3 heading to Austria. Not sure how to go about that with the pass. It was suggested that one take the pass and the one traveling with the least expensive fare just pays for it. Here is the thought. One of the travelers will be 25 so would it make sense that she be the one to pay the fare (we will all share cost). Would her fare be cheaper b/c she is under 26? Almost have this all figured out. Thanks for all your help! Cheryl

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    Hi Cheryl,

    There’s no discount for youth buying single tickets. You can get an extra discount on the passes by making use of these promo codes offered by and others. Please note that the codes expire today.

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    5 September 2012 at 7:04:30 #837108

    Ok so am I correct in my previous post that on our last day when we separate and trave 3 and 3 that one will take a pass and the other will travel without and just buy her train ticket. Thinking that most likely it will be the person traveling from Brienz to Salzburg. The other one sharing the pass will be traveling Brienz to Florence.

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    5 September 2012 at 7:29:09 #837109

    Yes, one person will travel without a pass and just buys a regular ticket. The timetable can be used to check which leg is the cheapest.

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