Swiss stay for 4 days: Itinerary help!

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    21 February 2012 at 5:11:00 #804924

    I am planning to visit Switzerland and I have 4 full days to make or see as much as I can.
    I am reaching Basel on a Friday night.
    I have my train from Lucerne to Milan booked on Wednesday early morning.
    Now I want to see jungfraujoch, zermett and also swiss villages.

    Please suggest me an itinerary which will help me to do so!
    Day 0 night- reaching Basel
    Day 1 – ?
    Day 2 – ?
    Day 3 – ?
    Day 4 – have to be in lucerne
    Day 5 – leave Lucerne early morning.
    Please help!!

    I am not sure about Mt. Titlis. ALso help regarding the swiss pass i should take.


  • Annika
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    22 February 2012 at 15:37:16 #834867

    Hello royzlife, and welcome. If you want to experience the Swiss mountains and charming villages, I suggest you stay in the Interlaken region during day 1, 2 and 3. There are lots of day trips to be made, nearly all including great scenery. This list will provide tips, and the timetable allows you to make detailed plannings.

    Titlis is beautiful. So are Pilatus (which is closer to Lucerne) and Rigi. I don’t know if you plan to use a Swiss (Flexi) Pass, but if you do, the Rigi will be for free as well.

    Does that get you started?

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