Swiss Trains and connecting trains

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    Hi, I was just wondering how much time I would need for a connecting train in Geneva. I will be arriving in Geneva cff station at 7:14 pm and have a train from Geneva cff station to Zermatt at 7:56 pm. Will I have enough time to catch the train to Zermatt. Is 42 minutes enough, in case my train from Paris to Geneva is late? Also I will have 18 minutes to transfer to a connecting train in Visp when I go from Geneva to Zermatt. Is this enough time? I was also wondering if 6 minutes was enough for connecting trains in Bern when taking a train from Zurich to Interlaken.

    Going back to the train from Geneva to Zermatt, i will arrive in Zermatt at 11:44 and then I could catch the glacier express the next morning at 10 am. The other scenario I thought of was that instead of taking the train from Geneva to Zermatt, I would stay the night in Geneva and take a 5:32 am train to Zermatt and reach there by 9:14. My glacier express train will begin at 10 am and I called the glacier express number and found out that I will have more than enough time for the 10 am train because the Zermatt rail station is not that busy. That led to my concerns about the Geneva train because the Geneva railway station is probably more busy and has more trains running. I was wondering which decision I should make, either arriving in Zermatt at night, or arriving in the morning.

    A couple of more questions, how long does it take to go from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch via the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe train?

    If I use the Swiss pass and take a train passed 7 pm and arrive before 4 am as the pass says it will count as two days, does that mean I could still use the pass the next day and it will count as the second day, for a total of only two days. Like lets say I go from Interlaken to Zurich from 7 pm to 10:30 pm, can I then take a train next morning from Zurich to Bern like at 8 am. This will be two days. Is it also true for trains that go passed midnight, Interlaken to Zurich from 8 pm to 12:10 pm, let’s say, am then I take a train at 8 am in the morning, is that two days?

    Also, what is the the number for the Swiss station at Geneva cff, i looked online and found two numbers.

    I tried +41 (0)51 226 62 07 and no one picked up and I tried 0900 300 300 and got a message invalid phone number

    Thank you so much!

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    Hi Mohammed,

    Any connection offered by the timetable is doable (the timetable can be used to check all traveling times as well, e.g. to the Jungfraujoch). At most stations, 5 minutes is enough time. Popular connecting trains will usually wait for delayed trains, but they can’t wait in all cases and you would just take the next train.

    I would personally prefer to stay in Zermatt. It allows you to do a short walk in town the next morning and start the (long) Glacier Express ride more relaxed.

    Pass days are regular days that expire at midnight. If your train arrives a bit later that would still count as the previous day. Actually, I’m not sure whether there’s a maximum time that counts for the previous day. There are hardly any night trains in Switzerland.

    I don’t know about the phone number, but I would recommend to try the first one again. The second one can only be called from within Switzerland.

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