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    I am confused regarding using Swiss Transfer Ticket. It says that we can use it only for 2 transfers (Zurich to Lucerne and then Lucerne to Geneva). However, I received an itinerary from a travel agent which says that I can travel Lucerne to interlaken return trip and lucerne to Mount Jungfrau via multiple trains using the transfer ticket on next day and then travel to Geneva also using the same transfer ticket.

    Is it correct?

    My questions are: I know Swiss transfer ticket is valid for one month. However, how many days can i travel?

    Also, for the days I can travel, can i travel as many times of just return transfers?

    Can i roam anywhere like Lucerne to Interlaken return on day 1, lucerne to Engelberg and return on day 2 and then to geneva on day 3 with transfer ticket?

    Are panoramic trains also included? I am thinking to take Glacier express or golden pass line.

    What will be the best pass for me if Transfer ticket is not the correct one.


    Vinay Bajaj

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    Thanks for your post Vinay!

    The Swiss Transfer Ticket only includes two transfers on days and nothing else. All details can be found here: swisstransferticket. It seems like your travel agent is talking about a different product.

    There is a Swiss Transfer Ticket Combi (see the same page please) that allows to buy 50% discounted tickets during your stay, in addition to the two free transfers. Perhaps the agent means that one.

    A Swiss Transfer Ticket only makes sense if you plan to do long trips from the Swiss border or airport to your destination, and back again. Your itinerary does not sound like that.

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