Switzerland trip in Sept/Oct, concerns about COVID

  • Ldgrunseit
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    25 July 2022 at 5:49:09 #827884

    A group of 4 of us (all over 75 from Australia) will be visiting Switzerland in September and October.

    What if one of us gets Covid while we are in Switzerland?

    What does the Swiss Government expect us to do?

    If we have severe problems how easy/hard is it to get medical attention? Do we look for a medical practice or do we find a hospital?

    What are the quarantine requirements if the case is not severe?

    Thanks for your patience


  • Anna
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    25 July 2022 at 18:32:30 #944785

    Hi Dan,

    All COVID-related measures and restrictions have been lifted in Switzerland since April. You can find the latest updates here: http://www.myswissalps.com/forum/topic/does-the-corona-virus-affect-trips-to-switzerland

    There is no longer obligation to isolate yourself (quarantine) if you are infected with Coronavirus. However if you are showing symptoms, it’s advisable to keep your distance from vulnerable people and perhaps even confine yourself to your hotel until your symptoms subside.

    If you have a medical emergency, you can simply call the medical emergency number 112 , or simply go to the hospital emergency section (Notfall). Most major cities and towns have hospitals.

    Hope this addresses your concerns.



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    25 July 2022 at 22:44:15 #944786

    Thank you Anna for your useful information.

    In Australia people over 60 are offered Anti Viral Medication if they get Covid.

    Do you know if that is the case in Switzerland?



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    25 July 2022 at 23:59:19 #944787

    Hi Dan—

    Assuming the antiviral you are talking about is Paxlovid and it has been authorized for use in Switzerland. Here in the U.S. it is mainly used for non-hospitalized patients with respiratory symptoms, no age restriction.

    As far as medical attention and insurance in Switzerland, I am not sure about how it works for Australians. For us as Americans, I purchased medical insurance to cover us prior to the trip, including evacuation coverage. We have no national health insurance here and have no coverage outside of the U.S., so we always like the peace of mind with purchasing medical insurance for travel.

    593 posts
    26 July 2022 at 1:23:38 #944788

    HI Dan,

    As of now anti-virals in Switzerland. although “approved”, are only available to hospitalized patients.

    I know this first-hand as husband and I both came down with Covid (double-vaxxed, double-boosted) on our third day in country. July 6. I spoke with many medical providers and this is what I was told. Not possible unless hospitalized.

    The situation may change by the fall, as everything changes with Covid.

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