The Hammetschwand Lift .

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    30 May 2015 at 15:34:07 #807322

    Hello everyoneI want to know how I can go by car from Lucerne to The Hammetschwand Lift. Thanks

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    <<“I want to know how I can go by car from Lucerne to The Hammetschwand Lift.”>>

    I suspect many of us might like to know that. 😉

    You cannot.

    You must walk in on the Felsenweg from Bürgenstock. That will bring you to the bottom of the elevator.

    Or. climb without elevator all the way up to Hammetschwand from the road on the south side of Trogenalp, and walk out the platform to the top of the elevator. Then you can go down on the elevator. 😉

    To go all the way to the top on foot, which adds a hundred or two hundred meters to your climb, climb up to the top (Hammetschwand) on a trail up the south side of Trogenalp, for example, from near Honegg or closer to Waldheim. Those trails are accessible from the road between the parking lot near Trogen and Waldheim/ Bürgenstock.

    I always have driven up from Buochs and Ennetbürgen, then parked at the parking area at 899 meters at the top near Honegg. From there, I walk in (west) to Bürgenstock, (actually Waldheim, I guess) then make a hairpin right turn at the chapel, and go out and up the Felsenweg.

    My knee is giving me trouble, so I am planning to check with Tourist Info in Luzern ( by track #1 at the Hbf) to see if I can drive up from the other direction ( from Stanstad) and park near the hotels which are undergoing reconstruction.

    I think the funicular from near Kehrsiten might be closed due to construction. If not, it would get you to Bürgenstock from the lake boat landing below.

    This map may clarify the lay of the land: 5956.61&Y=672704.68&zo om=8&lang=en&topic=swi sstopo&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-fa rbe

    The elevator is marked “Aufzug.” You can see it in the picture with the red arrow. If you look carefully, you can also see where the Felsenweg makes its way to the foot of the elevator.

    On the map, the heavy dashed line is the cantonal boundary. The Felsenweg is the lighter dashed line to the north of the boundary..

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    31 May 2015 at 13:56:55 #843548

    Thank you very much

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    You are very welcome.

    Are you going to try it?

    The Felsenweg is a very wide, smooth trail, and i have seen wheel chairs on it. There are about 3 sections with steps that shortcut some switchbacks. It has a steady climb but is not steep. It probaly tales 20 or 25 minutes to walk to the base of the elevator from the Bürgenstock complex, which, as I noted, ought to be accessible by car via the road from Stanstad.

    On clear day it is a neat place to have lunch, because there are interesting views in all directions, not just the ones posted.

    Here is one more image that I happened to have handy.

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    Thanks again for all the information. My husband and I are not used to hard tracks so I’m not sure this site is suitable for us. We decide when we get to the area. Thank you again

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    <<“Thank you again “>>

    You are quite welcome. That is one of my favorite places around Lake Luzern, especially because it is not on the common tourist routes.

    <<“Thanks again for all the information. My husband and I are not used to hard tracks so I’m not sure this site is suitable for us. We decide when we get to the area”>>

    A wise decision. It is hard to visualize details from a topo map.

    This may help. The walk from the chapel, just east of the hotels, shown on the map, is about 1.3 to 1.4 km, with the switchbacks adding a few tens of meters.

    The elevation change is approximately 100 meters. None of it is steep, but there is a steady climb, except where stairs are offered instead of trails. As I noted, I have seen wheel chairs being pushed along the trail.

    I am not in terribly good physical condition, so I stop once or twice at the viewpoints with benches along the trail. But, the path is smooth and does not have a rough or rutted surface.

    I an taking my grandson there in a week or so, if the weather is decent.

    You do not want to be up there if there is lightning.

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