Trip to kliene scheidegg

  • Ramswiss
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    29 August 2011 at 2:02:34 #804659

    i am arriving in zurich airport and planning to proceed direct to kliene scheidegg. will the swiss transfer ticket cover the complete route. if not for which part do i have to pay extra and what is the discount.

    also the ticket from zurich to interlaken is cheaper via lucerne than via bern. the swiss transfer ticket requires that one takes the shortest route. in this case since the longer route via lucerne is cheaper do i have an option as would like to stop at lucerne for a few hours.

  • Annika
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    30 August 2011 at 10:10:01 #834073

    Hello Ramnikuppal, and welcome! The Swiss Transfer Ticket provides free traveling from Zurich Airport up to Wengen/Grindelwald. For the last leg up to Kleine Scheidegg, the regular fare applies. This can be checked using the map we link to at the Swiss Transfer Ticket page.

    You can use your Swiss Transfer Ticket for either the shortest or the cheapest route. So both Zurich-Bern-Interlaken and Zurich-Lucerne-Interlaken would be fine. And it’s no problem to get off at Lucerne for a few hours and then continue your journey, as long as you complete your trip to Kleine Scheidegg within one day.

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