Upgrade 2nd to 1st class on pass & 1 more question

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    1 August 2013 at 13:38:25 #806128

    Hi, everyone. It’s me again. I have decided on the 8 days Swiss Saver Pass for my upcoming trip. I am thinking we will do the 2nd class and give it a shot. I have heard that 2nd can be absolutely fine, but if you encounter a loud cabin or a full cabin, you can (if on a train that permits it) move to the 1st class cabin and simply pay the upcharge to the conductor. I have also heard that 1st class on a boat is better because you can sit on top.

    Because of the structure of our trip (mainly BO region), 1st class is only available for our trip in from Zurich (early on a Sunday morning via Lucerne) and our trip out to Basel (early on a Saturday morning). It seems a waste to pay for 1st class for the entire trip. I did some calculations and I think I determined what the upgrade charge would be for each of the long trips and the boat upgrade. If my calculations are correct, it still saves us over buying the full 1st class pass and gives us the flexibility to stay in 2nd if we are happy there. I would like to make sure I haven’t really mangled this, though, and would love someone to see if it seems correct. Quick disclaimer….I figured 1st class from Lucerne to Interlaken, only. I assumed we could handle 2nd class from Zurich to Lucerne and when I try to price Zurich to Interlaken, it wants to send me through Bern.

    Lucerne to Interlaken – upgrade cost $24
    Upgrade Brienz boat – upgrade cost $33
    Interlaken to Basel – upgrade cost $44

    So all in all, if we upgraded both of our longer journeys and our boat, it would be an additional $101 per person. Does this seem correct? Do I seem to be missing anything in my thought process? Sidebar….are the windows better in first class?

    I would like to say this final item is my last question, but I know that is not accurate 🙂

    If we are scheduled to arrive Zurich at 7:55am, would it be feasible to catch the 9:47am to Lucerne? If not, there is a direct at 10:47, as well, but the extra hour would be nice! I am thinking of stopping and having lunch in Lucerne to stretch our legs for 2-3 hours.

    Many, many thanks. You have no idea how helpful this forum has been in my planning.

    Warm regards…

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    My wife and I just came back from Switzerland, (early July). We were there for six days, visiting Lausanne, Murren and Luzern. We got a 4 day Swiss Pass, 2nd class. We had to pay full price from Geneva where we entered the first day and then again the last day going from Luzern to Zurich where we flew home from. Unless you are a very large person the 2nd class seats are fine and very comfortable. The first class seating is a little larger. We had absolutely no problem finding a seat on any of the trains. Although we did reserve two seats on the Golden Pass train from Montreux to Zweisimmen, which in hindsight was not worth it since there were plenty of seating. Windows are no different in either class on the trains we traveled on. All the trains were very clean. and of course on time. The other thing to be aware of is when in the OB area you will be using trains and cable cars and there is no benefit to have a first class pass. We had a wonderful time and the views are spectacular. Enjoy


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