Youth Couple Traveling… Second opinion needed

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    20 May 2011 at 14:46:10 #804317

    My Husband and I are traveling to Switzerland June 2nd to June 6th. We are both under 25 and were debating wither to just pay for the trains, or use a Swiss Saver 4 Day Pass, or a Swiss Youth 4 day Pass. I have crunched the numbers and it looks something like this….

    June 2nd-Travel from Geneva to Lausanne by boat (Between 34.30/26.30 € *Half fare for students under 25 (We aren’t EU so I don’t know if we get that discount))

    June 3rd- Travel to Bern by Train (24.62 Euro or 31 CHF)

    June 4th and 5th- Travel to Zermatt; Spend the next two days exploring, hiking, and viewing the Alps/Matterhorn

    (Option one <LÖTSCHBERG- Brig/Visp> 83 CHF or 66.10 Euro*however, it is a tunnel route)

    (Option two <Lausanne and Visp> *More scenic route 99CHF 78 Euro)

    June 6th- Travel back to Geneva by train (95 to 100 CHF (75.56 to 80.70 Euro) depending on if we stop in Sion)

    So we would total without any pass… Individual (217.62 to 192.58 Euro) Together (435.24 to 385.15 Euro) *Plus intercity travel

    The Saver pass for four days is … Together (347.90 Pass plus boat to Lausanne (68.60 Euro)… Totaling 416.50

    The Swiss Youth 4-day pass is… Together (308.78 Euro Plus the Boat ride to Lausanne (68.60 Euro)… So total is 377.38

    If my numbers are correct, the best option would be Swiss Youth pass for 4 days. Does that look correct, do-able, and like a good itinerary?

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    Hi Swis4! A 4 day Swiss Youth Pass would definitely be the best option. It’s cheaper than a 4 day Swiss Saver Pass (as can be seen in the upper right corner of the Swiss Pass page – just select your preferred pass variant to review prices). And you’ll save lots of money compared to buying regular train tickets. As your stay in Switzerland lasts 5 days, you shouldn’t use your 4 day Swiss Youth Pass on the 1st day or your stay (that’s the way you calculated the total price as well, right?) You can buy regular tickets for that boat trip. The Lake Geneva boat company should be able to inform you about the discounts for students.

    Your itinerary looks fine to me. As for the trip from Bern to Zermatt: I’d recommend the scenic Lötschberg route that crosses Spiez, Frutigen, Kandersteg and Goppenstein, especially if weather is fine that day. This is an alternative to the tunnel route. The timetable will indicate this as “Lötschberg (Regio) Express” . There are no extra costs to this trip with your Swiss Youth Pass, so if you don’t mind the extra traveling time you’ll be rewarded with great views!

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