Zurich airport to rhine fall

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    10 August 2010 at 11:49:15 #803950

    i am reaching zurich on 8 nov. morning 6.00 am and going to interlaken ( checkin at 2.00 pm)
    from 6.00 am to 2.00 pm can i visit rhine fall ,zurich city tour.
    how to go from zurich airport to rhine fall.}RhineFalls at Schaffhausen.
    from rhine to interlaken ,how to go ?
    can we do zurich city tour also.
    i will be buying swiss 8 days unlimited pass

  • Olga
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    11 August 2010 at 7:00:53 #831669

    Hello Nitinzabak! From Zurich Airport, you can get to Schaffhausen by train. From there you should take a bus to Neuhausen and get out at the bus stop ‘Zentrum’, from which it’s a 10 minute walk to the Rhine falls. The total trip from Zurich Airport takes about 1h15, so it’s possible to visit the falls before getting to Interlaken. Combining this with a city tour in Zurich would be be a too much though, as the trip to Interlaken takes about 3 hours. The trip back to Interlaken will be via Zurich again, and from there you can continue your journey via Bern and Thun.

    Please review the Rhine falls website as well for more information on how to get there. You can plan your further trips by the timetable.

    More information and purchase options for the Swiss Pass can be found here.

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