Zurich Zoo vs Basel Zoo

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    11 May 2015 at 10:48:16 #807205

    Which of the two zoos- Zurich and Basel is better? It is more convenient for me to visit the Zurich zoo as I’m staying there for 2 nights. But if the Basel Zoo is exceptional I would’nt mind going there.

    Also please mention the entry ticket costs and whether they are in included in the Swiss Pass.

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    11 May 2015 at 17:35:15 #842978

    Don’t know about the entrance costs, which surely are available on the web sites for the zoos. I have been to both zoos. Basel’s is quite famous, and a good deal larger than Zürich’s.

    The Zürich zoo is rather small, but quite nice. It does not have the variety or size of Basel’s zoo. Of possible interest is the cemetery along the walk from the tram stop to the zoo entrance. Quite beautiful, graves of many famous people, including James Joyce. His statue watches over the grave site.

    tripadvisor.com/ Attraction_Review-g188113-d542816-Reviews-James_Joyce _s_Grave-Zurich.html

    In Basel a ten minute walk from the train station brings you to the Tinguely Water sculpture. Worth a detour.


    There are four trains per hour from Zürich to Basel, with transit times ranging from 53 minute to 1 hr 11 minutes.

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    13 May 2015 at 11:54:42 #842979

    Thanks Slowpoke!

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