The trip to the Eggishorn in detail

Eggishorn - How to get there

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How to travel to the Eggishorn

The Eggishorn can be reached by cable car from Fiesch. Fiesch can be reached by train or by car.

The trip in detail

You first need to travel to Fiesch, either by train or by car. The cable car station is about 7 minutes on foot from the rail station.

The first section of the cable car takes you to Fiescheralp: a Winter sports settlement half way up the mountain. There you need to change to another cable car to the Eggishorn. Both cable car trips just take a few minutes.

Check the timetable

The trip to the Eggishorn can be done almost all year round: from early June to late October and from early December to April. April/May and November are the cable car maintenance periods.


The timetable of the trains and cable cars.

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