Must-knows about this 14-day Switzerland tour

  • This is a very complete 2-week Switzerland holiday.
  • It includes highlights of the Swiss Alps: Lucerne, the Jungfrau Region, Zermatt and the Matterhorn, the Aletsch Glacier, and much more.
  • This is a relaxed tour. You won’t change base towns and hotels each day. Most of our suggested excursions take about half a day.
  • Average costs for all traveling and hotels are CHF 2100 per adult.
Recommended season: late June to mid October
Transportation: Boat, Bus, Train
Duration: 14 to 42 days
Theme: Hiking, Scenic trains

Quick tour overview per day Copy link to clipboard

This is a sample itinerary. You can customize it to your preferences: do it in reverse order, skip sections, book extra nights in the suggested towns, choose other base towns or choose other activities.

If you follow this proposal exactly, this is what you'll do on each of the 14 days:

  1. travel from Zurich to Bern and Interlaken
  2. make a trip from Interlaken to Mürren and the Schilthorn
  3. make a trip from Interlaken to the Jungfraujoch
  4. explore the Lauterbrunnen Valley from Interlaken
  5. travel from Interlaken to Brig
  6. view the Aletsch Glacier from the Bettmerhorn near Brig
  7. make a trip to Zermatt and the Gornergrat from Brig
  8. make a train and bus ride from Brig to Lucerne via Oberwald, the Grimsel Pass and the northern section of the GoldenPass route
  9. enjoy a boat trip and a journey up to Rigi from Lucerne
  10. explore Lucerne
  11. make the Golden Round Trip to Pilatus from Lucerne
  12. travel from Lucerne to Zurich and spend time in either city
  13. visit the Rhine Falls from Zurich
  14. explore Zurich

Day 1: Zurich to Bern & Interlaken

First, you’ll take a train to the national capital of Bern, to explore the beautiful historical town center. Then you continue to Interlaken to check-in to your hotel. The total traveling time is about 2 hours.

The day trips for the next days are weather dependent, so it’s good to have some alternatives in case of rain:

  • the Trümmelbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen
  • the Glacier Gorge near Grindelwald
  • shopping in Interlaken
  • great for kids: JungfrauPark Interlaken

Day 2: Mürren & Schilthorn

Today you’ll travel to Lauterbrunnen by train, and change to the bus to Stechelberg. There you take the cable car up to the Schilthorn.

After enjoying the view and possibly the restaurant, take the cable car down to Mürren and walk across town and further to Grütschalp. This is an easy stroll with beautiful views. The cable car takes you down to Lauterbrunnen, where the train to Interlaken will depart.

Today’s program will take about 6 hours.

Day 3: Jungfraujoch

From Interlaken Ost, you will make a spectacular journey via Lauterbrunnen and Wengen to the highest rail station in Europe: the Jungfraujoch.

After enjoying the view and the snow up here, you descend to Grindelwald. You can choose from the Eiger Express cable car, or the cogwheel ride via Kleine Scheidegg. From Grindelwald, you’ll take a direct train to Interlaken Ost.

This day trip takes about 6 hours.

It is not worth going up the Jungfraujoch if it’s covered in clouds. If necessary, you can consider traveling only as far as Kleine Scheidegg. That way, you’ll skip the highest (and most expensive) section of today’s route, which is most likely to be covered in clouds. But you can still enjoy the rest of the trip.

Day 4: The Lauterbrunnen Valley

On day 2 you’ve seen the Lauterbrunnen Valley from the cliff of Mürren. On day 3 you’ve seen it on your way up to the Jungfrau.

Today you will explore the valley on foot. This hike can be as long or as short as you want. You can start in Wilderswil (5 minutes from Interlaken by train), and walk via Zweilütschinen and Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg and beyond. The trails are easy.

Trains back to Interlaken depart from Zweilütschinen and Lauterbrunnen. From Stechelberg there’s a bus back to Lauterbrunnen. The highlight of the route is the famous Staubbach Fall, just past the village of Lauterbrunnen.

Day 5: Interlaken to Brig

You will leave the northern Alps today and move to the south of Switzerland. Our suggestion is to travel to Spiez by any train you find convenient. Then switch to the scenic Lötschberg Mountain Railway trains to your destination Brig. This is a more scenic route than the Lötschberg Base Tunnel route, which is used by quicker InterCity trains.

This trip takes about 1h50, so you have plenty of time left to spend in Interlaken in the morning or Brig in the afternoon.

Day 6: Aletsch Glacier

First, you’ll travel by train to Betten, where you will change to the cable car to Bettmeralp. Finally, a gondola will take you further up to the Bettmerhorn. Here you can enjoy a great view of the Aletsch Glacier.

Then make the beautiful hike to Fiescheralp. From there you’ll take the cable car down to Fiesch and a train back to Brig.

The entire trip will take up the whole day.

Day 7: Zermatt & Gornergrat

Zermatt and its famous Matterhorn can’t be skipped if you want to see Switzerland’s highlights.

You first travel to Zermatt by train (about 1h30). There you’ll change to the cogwheel train to the Gornergrat (about half an hour), for one of the best views you can get of the Matterhorn and its surroundings.

Afterward you can explore Zermatt, then return to Brig.

Day 8: Grimsel Pass & GoldenPass

From Brig, you’ll take a train to Oberwald, in the outmost eastern corner of the canton of Valais. There you board a postbus that takes you across the Grimsel Pass to Meiringen. You may want to have a lunch break here before continuing on to Lucerne.

Board the train in Meiringen to enjoy the ride on the northern section of the GoldenPass route to Lucerne.

Today comprises approximately 6 hours of traveling.

Day 9: Mount Rigi & boat trip

You’ll travel by train to Arth-Goldau, and switch to the cogwheel train up the Rigi. From there, another train goes down to Vitznau. Optionally you can walk part of this route to explore the car-free countryside even better. The section from Rigi Staffel to Rigi Kaltbad is a short and easy hike.

Vitznau is a beautifully located village on Lake Lucerne. A relaxed boat trip is the perfect way to reach Lucerne again. Today’s trip takes about 5 hours.

Day 10: Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful town with plenty of activities. Today can be used to explore the town and its museums. Ideas for today can be found here.

Day 11: Pilatus Golden Round Trip

Today it’s time for the so-called “Pilatus Golden Round Trip“. First, a boat takes you to Alpnachstad, where you change to the spectacular cogwheel train to the summit of the Pilatus.

Take in the great views from the top. Then descend by cable car to Kriens. Finally, a short bus trip brings you back to the center of Lucerne.

This trip will take just over half a day.

Day 12: Lucerne or Zurich

Zurich is less than an hour from Lucerne by train. If you liked Lucerne, you can spend most of the day in Lucerne and travel to Zurich in the early evening. Alternatively, use this day to explore Zurich.

Day 13: Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are within easy reach from Zurich (an hour by train), and not to be missed. This day trip takes about half a day.

You can extend it by exploring the town of Schaffhausen. Or make a 2-hour boat cruise to Stein am Rhein, and take the train back to Zurich from there. This detour would add another 4 hours to your trip.

Day 14: Zurich

Zurich has a lot to offer. A whole day won’t be enough for all sightseeing and activities, but it’s a good start.

Map of the travel route

This simplified map shows your travel route (red for trains and mountain transport, yellow for the bus transfer), including the base towns and activities (grey for hikes). For more detailed maps, you can check each hike, panoramic train, and activity to which we link from this page.

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Prices and shopping list Copy link to clipboard

Price per person

This tour costs about CHF 2100 per adult. This price is just an indication. It's based on all items of the below shopping list. Details:

  • We assume a 2nd class 15-day Swiss Travel Pass.
  • Expenses for the proposed mountain trips are included, and we've taken the Swiss Travel Pass discounts into account.
  • We assume 2-bed rooms in 3-star hotels. Our estimate is based on average summer high-season hotel prices (July-August) for Interlaken, Brig, Lucerne, and Zurich. We included the optional last night in Zurich at the end of day 14.
  • Children under 16 travel along for free. If they're between 5 and 15, you can order the free Swiss Family Card along with your Swiss Travel Pass.
  • Additional costs are not included. You'll have to add prices for meals, drinks, souvenirs, and extra side trips that aren't fully covered by your Swiss Travel Pass.

What you'll end up paying, depends on lots of variables: the season in which you travel, the hotel rooms you book, how much you spend on food and extra trips, et cetera.

Shopping list

This is what to buy if you make the tour exactly as described:

To bookDetails and prices
The Swiss Travel Pass includes free traveling between all towns. The Lötschberg Mountain Railway and the Rigi trip are included. Most other mountain rides are discounted.Swiss Travel Pass
50% discounted return ticket Mürren-SchilthornSchilthorn
25% discounted ticket Wengen-Jungfraujoch-GrindelwaldJungfraujoch
50% discounted ticket Betten-Bettmeralp + full-fare ticket Bettmeralp-BettmerhornBettmerhorn
50% discounted ticket Fiescheralp-Fiesch, en route from EggishornEggishorn
50% discounted return ticket Zermatt-GornergratGornergrat
50% discounted ticket Alpnachstad-Pilatus-KriensPilatus
Ticket Rhine FallsRhine Falls
Hotel in Interlaken, 4 nightsHotels Interlaken
Hotel in Brig, 3 nightsHotels
Hotel in Lucerne, 4 nightsHotels Lucerne
Hotel in Zurich, 1 or 2 nightsHotels Zurich

When to make this trip Copy link to clipboard

This exact tour can only be done from late June to mid October. That's when all activities and suggested routes are available.

With some tweaks, you can make a similar tour in other seasons too.

Low-season closures for mountain trips

If you travel in other periods than late June to mid October, mind that some of the mountain trips can't be (fully) made due to seasonal closures. So check the operation dates for:

Always use the timetable

We advise planning each day trip for your travel dates with the Swiss timetable. This is how to use it.


Waterfalls, such as those in the Lauterbrunnen Valley (day 4) and the Rhine Falls (day 13), are usually most impressive in spring and early summer. That's when the meltwater from the mountains comes down. They're less appealing in fall and winter.

Alternative complete travel packages Copy link to clipboard

Our sample itinerary requires you to make your own bookings. If you prefer a complete travel package for Switzerland instead, check the below options.

Summer Swiss Alps Drive??TOP4 Mountain Passes in a PORSCHE ⛰️? pre-set sat-nav guided
Summer Swiss Alps Drive?TOP4 Mountain Passes in a Porsche ? pre-set sat-nav guided
Adventure sport, Scenic driveIndependent multi-day tour
Experience the road trip of a lifetime! Travel Switzerland's most scenic driving routes and mountain passes in a Porssche and sweep over the most stunning alpine pass ensemble in the world! ​​​ Immerse in the pristine landscapes of the Swiss Alps with snowcapped mountains, green meadows and shimmering lakes. Visit …

Offered by TourRadar:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Your payment is kept safe until your tour has started
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No booking or credit card fee
  • Extra Support: if you book here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
Trip to Paris and Switzerland
Trip to Paris and Switzerland
ChristmasIndependent multi-day tour

Offered by TourRadar:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Your payment is kept safe until your tour has started
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No booking or credit card fee
  • Extra Support: if you book here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
Independent Switzerland Tour of Moutain Tops
Independent Switzerland Tour of Moutain Tops
ChristmasIndependent multi-day tour
Trip Highlights: * Experience the stunning Titlis Cliff Walk and panoramic views at 3,000 meters. * Reach the "Top of Europe - Jungfraujoch" and enjoy icy wonders and mountain vistas. * Explore the car-free village of Zermatt and take the Gornergrat Railway for breathtaking views. * Discover the picturesque city …

Offered by TourRadar:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Your payment is kept safe until your tour has started
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No booking or credit card fee
  • Extra Support: if you book here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
5Nights Trip to Switzerland
5Nights Trip to Switzerland
ChristmasIndependent multi-day tour

Offered by TourRadar:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Your payment is kept safe until your tour has started
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No booking or credit card fee
  • Extra Support: if you book here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
Scenic Switzerland Train Tour with Glacier Express
Scenic Switzerland Train Tour with Glacier Express, Daily Departure
ChristmasIndependent multi-day tour
Highlights: Provide you with the electronic Swiss Travel Pass before your departure. Take the popular Golden Round Trip to visit Mt. Pilatus for panoramic views of the Alps. Take a trip to Jungfraujoch and take in the stunning views of Aletsch Glacier. Enjoy a world-renowned Glacier Express scenic train through …

Offered by TourRadar:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Your payment is kept safe until your tour has started
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No booking or credit card fee
  • Extra Support: if you book here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
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About the Swiss Travel Pass Copy link to clipboard

A 15-day Swiss Travel Pass is the best option for this itinerary. It allows hop-on, hop-off traveling between all towns. Mountain rides are discounted. Learn all about it in our complete Swiss Travel Pass guide.

RhB train with panoramic coaches near Punt Muragl, Oberengadin

Swiss Travel Pass

Your complete Swiss Travel Pass resource, with a map of what's included, how it works, prices, discounts, and insider tips.

About the activities included in this tour Copy link to clipboard

Jungfraujoch mountain station and Konkordiaplatz


The Jungfraujoch excursion isn't cheap, but it's spectacular. We explain how to bring down costs, how to get there from …
Dragon Ride cable car to Pilatus above Lake Lucerne


Pilatus is a famous mountain close to Lucerne, with magnificent views over the lake area and the mountains of Central …
GoldenPass on snowy spring day in Montbovon


Several special GoldenPass trains run on this beautiful route between Lucerne, Interlaken and Montreux. Here's all you need to know …
Top station of Gornergrat with Matterhorn view


The Gornergrat offers a great view of the Matterhorn, and one of the best mountain panoramas in the Swiss Alps. …
Central and Bernese Alps from Rigi Kulm


The Rigi area can be reached by cogwheel train and offers magnificent views of Lake Lucerne and the Alps. Prepare …
Wetterhorn and Eiger above the clouds from Schilthorn


The Schilthorn is one of the best locations to view the Jungfrau massif. We explain about the cableway from Mürren, …
Boat on Lake Lucerne near the village of Weggis

Boat Lake Lucerne

Many boat rides are available on the large Lake Lucerne all year round. We explain what they cost, how to …
RegioExpress Lötschberger between Lalden and Brig

Lötschberg Mountain Railway

The Lötschberger trains cross the Swiss Alps and connect Bern in the north to Brig in the south. It's an …
Aletsch Glacier seen from Bettmerhorn, Valais


The cable car trip up the Bettmerhorn ends at a remarkable location with magnificent views of the Aletsch Glacier. Learn …
Aletsch Glacier seen from Eggishorn in early fall


The Eggishorn is one of the mountains with amazing views of the Aletsch Glacier. Learn all about the cable car …
Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen

Rhine Falls

This is how you can see the Rhine Falls on foot and by boat. Get a route description and further …
Aletsch Glacier seen from Bettmerhorn

Aletsch Glacier

The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier of Switzerland and even of the Alps. We explain how to get the …

The towns and regions you'll explore Copy link to clipboard

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as seen from Männlichen

Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau Region south of Interlaken is unique. It combines green valleys, high snow-capped mountains and a dense network of …
Rosenlaui valley towards Grindelwald, Wetterhorn and Eiger from Hasliberg

Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is a popular Swiss holiday region south-east of the city Bern. You'll find a very diverse landscape …
Lake Lucerne region seen from Stanserhorn

Lake Lucerne

The Lake Lucerne region in Central Switzerland is a wonderful holiday area close to Zurich. The large lake, the city …
Jungfrau covered by spring snow from Kleine Scheidegg


The Swiss Alps are diverse, spectacular and easy to visit. The mountain transport network takes you to countless breathtaking spots.
Panorama of the Upper Engadine from Muottas Muragl


The Engadine is a high-altitude valley in the canton of Graubünden. This is where you'll find the famous resort of …
Lake Geneva seen from Corseaux in spring

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a sunny, vibrant holiday region in western Switzerland. Get to know Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux, the beautiful …
Aletsch Glacier seen from Moosfluh in September


The Valais is a spectacular region in southern Switzerland, home to the famous Aletsch Glacier and the Matterhorn. There are …
Boulevard with sailboats in Ascona, Lake Maggiore


The southern canton of Ticino is where you can experience the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. We'll explain what to expect …
Boat on Lake Lugano and Monte Brè from Lugano-Paradiso

Lake Lugano

The Lake Lugano region in southern Switzerland is Italian-like in architecture, food and atmosphere. Learn all about the lake and …
Lower Engadine seen from Vnà, Val Sinestra


Graubünden is a large canton in the south-east of Switzerland, with lots of unspoilt valleys and alpine nature to explore. …
Höheweg main street in center of Interlaken


Interlaken is the central town in the Bernese Oberland, and the gate to the famous Jungfrau Region. We share our …
View of Eiger and Mönch from the outskirts of Mürren


The car-free alpine village of Mürren is perched on a cliff high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Bernese Oberland. …
Matterhorn and Zermatt at dusk


Zermatt is a car-free, luxurious alpine village at the foot of the Matterhorn. Zermatt is somewhat secluded, but you can …
Chapel Bridge/Kapellbrücke over river Reuss in Lucerne


Lucerne is an appealing city in Central Switzerland. It's ideal for first-time visitors: the historic town center, lake and nearby …
Zurich and its lake seen from Uetliberg


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. There is a lot to see and do, including boat trips, museums, luxury …
Lauterbrunnen village with Staubbach Fall


The small and scenic village of Lauterbrunnen is the gateway to the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and to the mountain villages Wengen …
The Parliament Building in Bern, seen from the Kirchfeld Bridge


Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. It has an attractive ancient town center and makes for a central base …
The Stockalper Palace in Brig, Rhone valley


Brig is an attractive mid-size town in the Valais. It's the perfect base for day trips to Zermatt, the Saas …

More towns and activities you can add Copy link to clipboard

Street in Grindelwald center with Wetterhorn view


Grindelwald in the Jungfrau Region has all tourist facilities you can wish for, and is at a very scenic spot …
Aletsch Glacier seen from Eggishorn in early fall


The Eggishorn is one of the mountains with amazing views of the Aletsch Glacier. Learn all about the cable car …
View of the glaciers from Klein Matterhorn, Zermatt

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Prepare for a trip up to the Klein Matterhorn (often called "Matterhorn Glacier Paradise"). We explain about the spectacular cable …
Sunnegga - children playing at Leisee with Matterhorn


Expect great views of the Matterhorn, beautiful mountain lakes, childrens' playgrounds, hiking and biking trails at Sunnegga-Rothorn above Zermatt.
View over Wengen and tops of western Lauterbrunnen Valley


Wengen is a car-free alpine village in the Jungfrau Region, surrounded by hiking trails in summer and ski slopes in …
Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn with gondolas to Grindelwald-First


The First is a mountain near Grindelwald, offering amazing views, hiking trails and fun family activities. Learn how to make …
Mönch, Jungfraujoch, Tschuggen and Jungfrau from Männlichen


Männlichen is a mountain offering a 360° view of the Jungfrau Region. You can reach it from Grindelwald and Wengen. …
Schynige Platte cogwheel train

Schynige Platte

During the scenic cogwheel train ride from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte, breathtaking views of the Jungfrau mountains unfold. Expect even …
Stanserhorn cable car station and Bernese Alps


The Stanserhorn near Lucerne can be reached by a unique cable car with an open upper deck. The ride is …

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Page author: AnnikaSince early childhood I've been visiting Switzerland during my holidays and I just fell in love with the country. I spent many summers in the Bernese Oberland, which still feels like my second home, and then started to explore other areas. Traveling, hiking and photographing in the Swiss Alps are my absolute favorite activities.