Gornergrat: the must-knows

  • If you want one of the best views of the iconic Matterhorn, Gornergrat is the place to go.
  • From this train station at 3090 m you’ll be face to face with the mighty peaks of the Valais.
  • The 30-minute cogwheel train ride from Zermatt is very scenic. Try to sit on the right side for the best views.
  • We recommend combining your trip with an easy hike. Rotenboden-Riffelalp is our favorite.
Min. time required: 2:00
Season: all year
Recommended season: early January to late February, early April to late October and mid December to late December
Max. altitude: 3090 m (10138 ft)

What is Gornergrat? Copy link to clipboard

Gornergrat is a cogwheel train station near Zermatt, located on a mountain ridge at 3090 m. The ride from Zermatt by the so-called 'Gornergratbahn' takes just 30 minutes.

At the top, you'll have a magnificent view of the highest peaks of the Valais, including the famous Matterhorn.

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Gornergrat return tickets - 2024 price overview

PriceMore informationTicket
CHF 66more info and pricesticket with Swiss Travel Pass (Flex), Swiss Half Fare Card or Adventure Card in high season: June-July-August
CHF 46 - 57more info and pricesticket with Swiss Travel Pass (Flex), Swiss Half Fare Card or Adventure Card in other months (CHF 46 in November-April, CHF 57 in May + September-October)
CHF 132more info and pricesnormal ticket without rail pass discounts in high season: June-July-August
CHF 92 - 114more info and pricesnormal ticket without rail pass discounts in other months (CHF 92 in November-April, CHF 114 in May + September-October)

Gornergrat return tickets - 2024 price example

A normal return ticket Zermatt-Gornergrat costs CHF 132 in high season (June, July and August). The Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex and Adventure Card offer a 50% discount.

Booking seats in advance: Gornergrat 'priority boarding'

You can optionally buy 'priority boarding' as an add-on to your ticket. This costs CHF 7. Priority boarding allows you to get on the train a few minutes before other passengers do. You won't be assigned a specific seat, so you can just enter and choose any place you like.

You'll have to wait at the priority boarding turnstiles. Make sure you show up no later than 10 minutes before the train's scheduled departure time.

The priority boarding ticket is free for children under 6 years old, if they're accompanied by an adult.

The Peak2Peak ticket and the Peak Pass

The Peak2Peak ticket and Peak Pass can be used for trips to Gornergrat and other mountains in Zermatt. We explain all details in our Zermatt travel info.

Where to buy tickets

You can get your Gornergrat tickets online or at the Gornergrat valley station in Zermatt.

Independent and guided tours

If you don't have a rail pass, or prefer not to arrange for tickets and planning yourself, you can book a tour to Gornergrat. See all options below.

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Find tickets with and without rail pass discounts, or pick a tour that suits your needs.

Gornergrat Cogwheel Train Ticket Matterhorn Railway from Zermatt
Book your direct access ticket for the Matterhorn Railway from Zermatt to Mt. Gornergrat. The cogwheel train takes you up to 3100 meters above sea level with a journey as a great experience with a constant view to the Matterhorn. The ticket includes the visit of the "Zoom - interactive …

Offered by Viator: www.viator.com

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  • Extra Support: if you buy here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
Zermatt: Gornergrat Bahn Cogwheel Train Ticket
Zermatt: Gornergrat Bahn Cogwheel Train Ticket
Hop onto the Gornergrat Bahn and meet the Matterhorn. Go on a spectacular train ride from Zermatt up to Gornergrat where you can enjoy magnificent views over the most famous peaks of the Swiss Alps.

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Gornergrat Railway Ticket from Zermatt
Gornergrat Railway Ticket from Zermatt
Hiking, Mountains
Ride the Gornergrat Bahn from Zermatt to the Gornergrat and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and the surrounding peaks. The cog railroad takes you up to over 3100 m.a.s.l.!

Offered by Swiss Activities: www.swissactivities.com

  • Easy, online, free cancellation in most cases
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Various multi-day packages for guided and self-guided trips to Switzerland. The offerings change regularly. Packages including surrounding countries are available too.

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Adventure Card Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Gornergrat (train)
Day Pass Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Gornergrat (train)
Swiss Half Fare Card Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Gornergrat (train)
Swiss Travel Pass Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Gornergrat (train)
Swiss Travel Pass Flex Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Gornergrat (train)

How to travel to Gornergrat: directions and map Copy link to clipboard

How to get to Zermatt

The Gornergrat can be reached by cogwheel train from Zermatt. Zermatt can be reached by train only. If you plan to travel by car, you can park in Täsch and take the train to Zermatt from there.

The Gornergrat railway

The station of the Gornergrat railway can be found right across the street from the train station in Zermatt. You can't miss it! That's where you board the cogwheel train that takes you up to Gornergrat.

Map of the railway route from Zermatt to Gornergrat

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Operation dates, schedules and timetable Copy link to clipboard

When is Gornergrat open?

Gornergrat is accessible year-round. There are no maintenance breaks or seasonal breaks.

Planning your trip in the Swiss timetable

You can plan your trip to Gornergrat in the timetable. These are the destinations to enter:

  • "Gornergrat" is the name of the top station.
  • "Zermatt" is the regular rail station of Zermatt.
  • "Zermatt GGB" is the cogwheel train station in Zermatt, next to the regular rail station. "GGB" stands for "Gornergratbahn".
  • The mid-stations on the train route are called "Findelbach", "Riffelalp", "Riffelberg" and "Rotenboden".

Best months to visit Gornergrat Copy link to clipboard

The best seasons to travel to Gornergrat are early January to late February, early April to late October and mid December to late December.

  • Mid-December to February is the winter season. You can expect snow on the mighty peaks surrounding Gornergrat. Winter hiking and sledding on the slopes between Gornergrat and Zermatt are possible.
  • April-June is spring, and the snowy peaks create beautiful contrasts with the green vegetation in the Matter valley. Not all hiking trails may be accessible yet.
  • July-September is the summer season. This the perfect time for high-altitude hiking in the Gornergrat area.
  • October is early Fall. Chances of fresh snow on the mountains and at Gornergrat increase.

We think that November and March are slightly less interesting. That's because they're transition seasons from spring to summer, and from fall to winter. Nature can look a bit dull. But if you're in Zermatt during these months, do visit Gornergrat! The views are simply great in each season.

Weather tips and forecasts for Gornergrat Copy link to clipboard

Gornergrat is located nearly 1500 meters higher than Zermatt. This means that temperatures are significantly lower than in the valley. Dress in multiple thinner layers so that you can adapt to the different temperatures throughout the day.

Take along gloves, sunglasses and perhaps a hat. If you plan to hike, make sure to prepare well.

5-day weather forecasts and temperatures for the Gornergrat

Check the weather forecast before going up: there's no point in visiting Gornergrat it the top and the surrounding mountains are covered in clouds.

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Weather forecast

What to see and do at the top

Once you reach the Gornergrat, you will have an amazing view of the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa massif. This includes the Dufourspitze (4634 m), which is the highest peak in Switzerland.

You’ll find a hotel, restaurants, a viewing platform, and plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the scenery here. There’s also a multimedia exhibition about the Matterhorn and the surrounding area, called “Zooom the Matterhorn”.

More activities from Gornergrat in summer

There are plenty of hiking trails from and between the railway stations along the route. Our favorite is Rotenboden-Riffelalp, on which you’ll pass the famous lake ‘Riffelsee’. Mountain bike trails are available too.

The famous black-nosed sheep of Zermatt graze near the top between July and mid-September. You’ll be able to track them with a GPS signal and a shepherdess can explain all about these animals.

Below the Rotenboden station, you can visit Europe’s highest alpine garden with 150 plant species. QR codes allow you to learn about the beautiful flowers.

More activities from Gornergrat in winter

The Gornergrat area offers plenty of snow fun. Enjoy sledding from Rotenboden to Riffelberg, or explore the region on winter hiking routes and snowshoe hiking trails. You can also have fondue in the Igloo village, to be reached on foot from Rotenboden.

Skiing options are great, especially for families. There are easy ski runs between Gornergrat and Riffelberg. A special sports train runs between these stations every 10 minutes.

Spending the night at Gornergrat or Riffelalp

The Kulm Hotel at Gornergrat is a great place to watch the sunset and wake up to an astounding mountain view. This is even the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps! Alternatively, you can consider the luxurious Riffelalp Resort.

If you’re looking for hotels in Zermatt instead, check our recommendations here.

How to combine Gornergrat with other activities

You can easily spend an entire day at Gornergrat and the mid-stations if you include hiking, mountain biking, sledging or skiing. But if you limit your trip to half a day, you’ll have sufficient time to get up to one of the other mountains near Zermatt, such as Matterhorn-Glacier Paradise or Sunnegga-Rothorn.

From December to April and in July-August, a combined visit to Gornergrat and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is especially convenient. The “Riffelberg Express” gondolas connect Riffelberg (halfway up to Gornergrat) and Furi (halfway up to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise). All details are in our Zermatt travel guide.

Gornergrat FAQ

  1. Is Gornergrat worth it?

    Yes. Gornergrat offers one of the best views of the Matterhorn. You’ll see the mountain as in all iconic photos. The rest of the mountain panorama is breathtaking as well. Moreover, Gornergrat is quickly reached from Zermatt and the cogwheel train ride is extremely scenic.

  2. What’s the train ride from Zermatt like?

    The ride with the “Gornergratbahn” (“Gornergrat Railway”) takes about half an hour. It starts at an altitude of 1605 m and ends at 3090 m on the Gornergrat ridge.

    The cogwheel train crosses forests and a high-alpine landscape later on, and stops at four different stations along the way. Each of these stations is a great starting point for hiking.

    You’ll have wonderful views of the Matterhorn and the other mountains during the ride. A truly wide panorama unfolds when you reach the top station.

  3. What’s the best side of the Gornergrat cogwheel train?

    We recommend sitting on the right side of the train when going up from Zermatt to Gornergrat. This way you’ll have sights of the Matterhorn during most of the journey.

  4. How long does a trip to Gornergrat take?

    Count on half a day for a Gornergrat excursion from Zermatt. A much quicker round trip from Zermatt can be done within 2 hours. But we recommend taking your time and combining the excursion with a hike in the Gornergrat area.

  5. How to beat the crowds?

    It helps if you travel to Gornergrat outside of high season (mostly July and August), and during weekdays instead of weekends. If you get up in busy months, get the very first connection in the morning. Or travel in the late afternoon, when most visitors make their way back.

    If you expect to travel during busy hours, you can book additional ‘priority boarding’ which allows you to enter the Gornergrat train before other passengers do.

  6. What is the Riffelsee and how to get there?

    The Riffelsee is a small lake in which the Matterhorn is reflected on windless days. It’s a very popular photo spot. You can reach it on foot from mid-station Rotenboden by following the signs to Riffelalp. This takes just a couple of minutes.

  7. Which clothes are best when visiting Gornergrat?

    Dress in multiple thinner layers so that you can adapt to the different temperatures throughout the day. It can be very windy at the top. Take along gloves, sunglasses and perhaps a hat. Solid shoes help too. Check weather forecasts shortly before you leave.

    Find more information about suitable clothes here.

  8. Gornergrat vs Matterhorn Glacier Paradise vs Sunnegga-Rothorn: which is best?

    Gornergrat provides an incredibly scenic train ride to one of Switzerland’s most famous viewpoints. The angle from which you see the Matterhorn is perfect for taking pictures. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the longest and most thrilling excursion. Sunnegga-Rothorn is ideal for families and hikers, and relatively cheap.

    Find our full comparison, and tips to combine several mountains in one day, here.

  9. Is altitude sickness a problem?

    The Gornergrat is located at an altitude of 3090 m. Anyone can suffer from (light) altitude sickness from about 2000 m. Usually, it helps to take things slow and sit down for a while.

    Special precautions apply to children under 2 years old, as well as people who are pregnant or in poor health: before visiting areas over 2500 m, you’d better consult your doctor. In most cases staying at such altitudes for just a few hours is no problem.

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