Sunnegga-Rothorn: the must-knows

  • Sunnegga, Blauherd and Rothorn are 3 viewpoints above Zermatt.
  • The ride is extremely varied: you’ll be in a funicular, gondolas or a chair lift, plus a cable car.
  • Sunnegga-Rothorn isn’t as famous as Gornergrat or Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. But it offers amazing Matterhorn views, and at a lower price.
  • Sunnegga is great for children: they’ll love the playground around the small lake “Leisee”.
  • Blauherd is the perfect starting point for hikes, such as the Five Lakes Hike.
Min. time required: 2:00
Season: early January to mid April, late May to late October and late November to late December
Recommended season: early January to mid April, late May to late October and late November to late December
Max. altitude: 3101 m (10174 ft)

What are Sunnegga, Blauherd and Rothorn? Copy link to clipboard

Sunnegga (2288 m), Blauherd (2571 m) and Rothorn (3103 m) are a range of mountain viewpoints above Zermatt. Each offers fantastic views of the Matterhorn and lots of activities: from playgrounds and restaurants to scenic hiking trails.

The top station Rothorn can be reached during a varied 20-minute trip with several types of mountain transportation. There’s a funicular to Sunnegga, a chairlift or gondola to Blauherd, plus a cable car to Rothorn.

This excursion is relatively affordable compared to Gornergrat and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

Sunnegga-Rothorn 2024 prices and tickets Copy link to clipboard

During the winter season (from 2 December 2023 until 21 April 2024), prices for a standard return trip from Zermatt per person are: CHF 22.50 to Sunnegga, CHF 46.00 to Blauherd, CHF 64.50 to Rothorn

Prices are higher in spring and fall, and highest in summer. 2024 prices for these seasons are not confirmed yet. But for reference, the 2023 summer prices for return tickets from Zermatt were:

  • CHF 28.50 to Sunnegga
  • CHF 58.50 to Blauherd
  • CHF 81.50 to Rothorn

. Many rail passes provide discounts.

Where to buy tickets

You can get your mountain tickets online or at the spot: at the funicular, gondola and cable car stations.

Are the Peak2Peak ticket and the Peak Pass valid for Sunnegga, Blauherd, and Rothorn?

The Peak2Peak ticket provides a combined trip to Gornergrat and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise on the same day. It's not valid for Sunnegga, Blauherd and Rothorn.

The Peak Pass, on the other hand, can be used for Sunnegga-Blauherd-Rothorn. Please find all details in our Zermatt guide.

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Zermatt-Sunnegga Matterhorn View Point Funicular Ticket
Perfect views to the Matterhorn mountain and the surrounding glacier area: Sunnegga is the ideal place for it. A 5 minutes journey with the funicular through the rock takes you to the scenic terrace with incomarable views. Maybe it's the best place to see the Matterhorn in a short time. …

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Ski school advanced (Red & Black League) incl. lunch Sunnegga
Ski school advanced (Red & Black League) incl. lunch Sunnegga
SkiingGuided day tour
This advanced course is suitable for your child in the Red & Black levels and takes place in the Sunnegga ski area. Professional instructors, a great atmosphere, lots of fun and a fantastic winter landscape are guaranteed.

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Scenic Switzerland Train Tour with Glacier Express, Daily Departure
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Highlights: Provide you with the electronic Swiss Travel Pass before your departure. Take the popular Golden Round Trip to visit Mt. Pilatus for panoramic views of the Alps. Take a trip to Jungfraujoch and take in the stunning views of Aletsch Glacier. Enjoy a world-renowned Glacier Express scenic train through …

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Adventure Card Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Sunnegga to Rothorn (funicular + cableway)
Day Pass Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Sunnegga to Rothorn (funicular + cableway)
Swiss Half Fare Card Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Sunnegga to Rothorn (funicular + cableway)
Swiss Travel Pass Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Sunnegga to Rothorn (funicular + cableway)
Swiss Travel Pass Flex Discount 50%:
  • Zermatt to Sunnegga to Rothorn (funicular + cableway)

How reach Sunnegga-Blauherd-Rothorn: directions and map Copy link to clipboard

Transport modes and trip duration to Sunnegga, Blauherd, and Rothorn

These types of mountain transportation take you up from Zermatt to Rothorn in a ride that takes just 20 minutes in total:

  • From Zermatt to Sunnegga, you’ll make a 5-minute ride in a funicular inside the mountain.
  • From Sunnegga to Blauherd, gondolas are operational in summer and an additional chairlift is available in winter.
  • From Blauherd to Rothorn, you’ll be transported in a large cable car.

How to get to Zermatt

The valley station of the funicular to Sunnegga, where the journey starts, is located in Zermatt. You can reach this car-free village by train as explained here.

How to reach the Sunnegga funicular

Once you’re in Zermatt, it’s a 10-minute walk across the town to the valley station. The route is signposted right from the rail station of Zermatt. 

The actual funicular is located within the mountains and accessible by a deep tunnel. That's where you'll find the valley station.

How to get to Blauherd and Rothorn

Once you're at Sunnegga, you'll easily see where to board the gondola or chairlift to Blauherd. And up at Blauherd, you can quickly continue to the cable car for Rothorn. All stations are located close to one another.

Map with the route to Sunnegga, Blauherd, and Rothorn

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Operation dates, schedules and timetable Copy link to clipboard

When are Sunnegga, Blauherd and Rothorn open?

All three lifts are operational from 2 December 2023 to 21 April 2024. There's a maintenance break from 22 April to at least 1 May 2024.

Schedules for the 2024 summer season will follow. They're likely to be quite similar to the 2023 operation dates, which were as follows:

  • Sunnegga was accessible from 27 May to 31 October 2023.
  • Blauherd was accessible from 27 May to 8 October 2023.
  • Rothorn was accessible from 1 July to 8 October 2023.

Planning your trip in the Swiss timetable

Consult the mountain railways timetable through the links here. Or use the Swiss timetable. These are the destinations to enter:

  • "Zermatt" is the regular rail station of Zermatt.
  • "Zermatt (Talstation Sunnegga)" is the funicular valley station in the village.
  • "Sunnegga" is the top funicular station.
  • "Sunnegga (Talstation Blauherd)" is where the gondolas to Blauherd depart.
  • "Blauherd" is the name of the mid-station where the gondolas from Sunnegga arrive and where the cable car to Rothorn departs.
  • "Rothorn (VS)" is the top station. "VS" stands for the canton Valais. It's used to distinguish this location from other Swiss destinations named "Rothorn".

Best months for Sunnegga, Blauherd and Rothorn Copy link to clipboard

The best seasons for this excursion are early January to mid April, late May to late October and late November to late December. Some of our personal tips:

  • We like a visit best in late May and June. Even though Rothorn is not accessible yet, this is a relatively quiet time to enjoy the views from Sunnegga and Blauherd. There's normally still quite some snow on the mountains surrounding the Matter Valley, which we think is beautiful.
  • July to early October is the time in which all 3 mountain stations are accessible, which allows you to make a longer trip with great variation in travel modes and landscapes. For high-altitude hiking, this is the best season as well.
  • If you're visiting in the winter season, January and February give you the best chances to see both Matter Valley as well as the surrounding mountains covered by snow.

Temperatures and forecasts for Sunnegga-Rothorn Copy link to clipboard

Which temperatures to expect?

All 3 mountain stations are at an altitude of well over 2000 m. This means it's colder than Zermatt in the valley. Temperatures vary a lot by season and day, but use this as a rule of thumb: with every 100 m (328 ft) of gaining height, the temperature drops 0.7 to 1.0 °C (1.8 F).

The highest viewpoint, Rothorn, is over 3000 m high. Expect temperatures well below freezing point in winter there, and between 0-10°C in summer.

Weather forecasts and temperatures for Sunnegga

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Weather forecast

What to see and do at Sunnegga

From Zermatt you’ll first reach the station of Sunnegga at 2288 m above sea level. Sunnegga means ‘sunny corner’.

Summer activities at Sunnegga

This is what to expect in summer:

  • The Leisee is a small mountain lake at a few minutes from the funicular station. You can bathe here. A barbecue area and picnic spots are available too.
  • There’s a marmot watching station.
  • The views can be enjoyed from a self-service restaurant with a panoramic terrace.
  • There are mountainbike and kickbike trails.
  • Kids will love the Wolli adventure playground.

The famous ‘Five Lakes Walk’

Sunnegga is a starting point for many beautiful hikes, including the famous Five Lakes Walk. You’ll hike between the stations of Blauherd and Sunnegga, along several small mountain lakes. On windless days, some of them show beautiful reflections of the Matterhorn. Examples are the Stellisee and the Grindjisee.

Winter activities at Sunnegga

These are the winter options at Sunnegga:

  • The station offers access to ski and snowboard runs, some of them connected to the Gornergrat ski area.
  • Snowshoe and regular winter hiking are possible too.
  • The Wolli ski and snowboard park is inviting for beginning skiers and children.

What to see and do at Blauherd

Summer activities at Blauherd

In summer a gondola brings you from Sunnegga to Blauherd, located at 2571 m. A children’s playground is available here too, and in favorable weather you can watch paragliders take off. You can descend to Sunnegga using mountain carts. In addition, Blauherd is the starting point for beautiful hiking trails. If you’re lucky you can spot ibex and chamois along the way.

The best hikes from Blauherd

Our recommendations for hiking trails from Blauherd are:

  • the themed Marmot Trail via the Stellisee, ending up at the Sunnegga playground;
  • the Panorama Walk to Tufteren;
  • the Flower Walk, with a 1,5-hour descent of medium difficulty. Along the trail, edelweiss, gentian and many other alpine flowers can be spotted;
  • shorter trails to the Stellisee or Grindjisee. You don’t necessarily have to do the entire Five Lakes Walk between Sunnegga and Blauherd to pass some of the lakes and their mountain reflections.

Winter at Blauherd

In winter, gondolas and an additional chairlift bring you from Sunnegga to Blauherd. There are skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking options. Skiers and hikers can reach the Blue Lounge, a modern mountain restaurant with superb views.

What to see and to at Rothorn

The top station at 3103 m is officially called ‘Unterrothorn’. You’ll have a stunning panoramic view of Zermatt’s mountain range, including the Matterhorn and Weisshorn. There’s an Italian restaurant.

Demanding trails for experienced hikers start here. There’s also an easy 30-minute hike during which you’ll see artistic sculptures of the mountains. It’s called the Peak Collection. For a unique experience and beautiful photo options, you can book a sunrise trip.

In winter, multiple ski and snowboard trails start from Rothorn. Moonlight descents can be booked in advance.

Sunnegga-Rothorn FAQ

  1. How long does the excursion to Sunnegga-Rothorn take?

    If you want to visit all 3 mountain stations, count on half a day on average. If you plan to hike from Sunnegga or Blauherd you may spend a full day. On the other hand: a short ride up to Sunnegga to enjoy the Matterhorn views can be completed in an hour. So it strongly depends on your plans.

  2. What to wear when going up to Sunnegga, Blauherd or Rothorn?

    Adjust your clothes to the type of trip you plan to make. A leisure stay at Sunnegga on a warm summer day doesn’t require anything special for example. But if you visit on colder days, and get further up to Blauherd and Rothorn, we recommend to dress in multiple layers. This helps you adapt to the changing temperatures.

    If you visit Rothorn, take along gloves, sun glasses, a scarf and a good water proof jacket. Dress extra warmly if you visit in winter. If you plan to hike, make sure to prepare well. Find all tips about clothing for Switzerland here.

  3. Can I visit Sunnegga-Blauherd-Rothorn in bad weather too?

    The funicular and cable cars operate under all sorts of weather, unless there are extreme circumstances. So you can usually get up even if weather isn’t great. But the views are the main reason visit these destinations. If you want to see the Matterhorn and other mountain tops, clear and sunny skies are best.

    If you plan to hike, favorable forecasts are even a must. It’s dangerous to get caught by fog, rain, thunderstorms or heavy snow while hiking.

  4. Sunnegga-Rothorn, Gornergrat or Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: which is best?

    Sunnegga and Blauherd are ideal for a half-day family trip. Gornergrat provides a beautiful cogwheel train trip to one of Switzerland’s most famous viewpoints. Both Sunnegga-Rothorn and Gornergrat offer great Matterhorn views. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the longest and most thrilling excursion.

    Find our detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each mountain, and tips to combine several mountain visits, here.

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