3 days in Grindelwald - travel advice

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Jul 8, 2018 - 12:55 PM

Hi. Im planning to travel on July 25 to Grindelwald with my husband an two kids (12 and 13 years old). I arrive at around 2:00 pm there, so I have the rest of the afternoon, two whole days and a morning the next day, since in the afternoon I leave to Zurich. We want to go one day to Jungfraujoch and enjoy some snow activities, since we live in an island and my kids have never seen snow. We plan to go early and stay there enough time to enjoy this activities and the view. We would do this the second or third day, depending on weather. On our way back maybe stop at Lauterbrunnen and visit Trummelbach falls. Im very confused with all the activities there are available and trying to make the most of the trip. We want to do hiking, but we are no experts. We do have appropriate shoes for this. We also want to go to First and do two or three adventure activities activities there like the Flyer and bikes or carts. My questions are:

1. What can I do after 2:00 pm the day I arrive? I want to be able to do something that really counts, not just strolling around the town. Maybe Pfingstegg toboggan run and hike?? Other suggestions?

2. What can I do the day I leave? I have till around 4 pm. Is it a good idea to go to First adventure activities and a hike? Is this too much for that day? Other suggestions for that day?

3. Most recommended hiking trails in the area?

4. Is it worth it to go to Schilthorn?

5. All the recommendations say to go to the mountains in the morning because clouds get on the way after noon. So what is better to plan for the afternoons?

6. Should we buy the Swiss Travel Pass or Half Fare card?

Can anyone give me some light with my itinerary?I really need some help. Im too confused with all the information.

Thanks a lot!!

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Jul 8, 2018 - 4:22 PM in reply to Roxy

Hi Roxy and welcome to MySwissAlps!

  1. The Pfingstegg idea is a good one for sure. Some nice hikes and the toboggan of course! https://www.pfingstegg .ch/index.php/en/ If you can be leaving the hotel by 2pm you could do First but that might be better on your last day as you have much more time
  2. First yes.
  3. Hiking trails noted here: https://www.myswissalp s.com/grindelwald/acti vities :check out First to Bachalpsee, Maennlichen to Kleine Scheidegg & Lauterbrunnen to Sstechelberg. All hikes are described in detail on link above.
  4. Yes and it is free with your Swiss Travel Pass: https://www.myswissalp s.com/schilthorn
  5. If the weather does indeed work like that then you can plan on lower altitude hikes in the evening, perhaps a boat cruises on Lake Thun or Brienz: https://www.myswissalp s.com/boatlakethun / https://www.myswissalp s.com/boatlakebrienz
  6. You can only decide that once you've decided on your daily itinerary/trips. Then you can compare costs against the passes here: https://www.myswissalp s.com/train/ticketspas ses/practical/choosera ilpass

A 4 day Swiss Travel Pass might make the most sense: https://www.myswissalp s.com/swisstravelpass

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Jul 8, 2018 - 6:25 PM in reply to Lucas

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for your help! I think we are going to do indeed Pfingstegg on the day we arrive and First on the last day. What Im trying to figure out now is how to plan the day we are going to Schilthorn. I want to combine this with some hiking in the area, but Im not sure what to pick. So many options and can't do them all! I want to leave early from Grindelwald and spent the whole day in the Lauterbrunnen-Murren area. I want to go all the way up to Schilthorn, but I understand there is not much hiking there. Hiking like the North trail or others are form the Allmendhubel. Also I see it's possible to walk from Grutschap to Murren, schilthornbahn to Trummelbach falls and Lauterbrunnen, but this can also be done by train/bus.

1.What Im having trouble figuring out is which walks/hikes should I choose in order to make the most of the day. I don't think we can choose always walking from one point to another, so what should I choose? I find more interesting some easy to moderate hiking in the mountains than just a simple walk. Can you help me plan this day?

2. Do you know if the adventure packages offered at First for the Flyer/cart/trottibikes have discount with the Swiss Travel Pass? Because on the web I see they have a full fare, a discount for the Swiss half fare card and discount for children. They are really expensive so I don't know if for this the Half fare card makes more sense over the swiss travel pass.

Your suggestions are much appreciated!

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Jul 9, 2018 - 12:21 AM in reply to Roxy

Hi Roxy-

A look at a map might help:

map.search.ch/?pos=639416,160408&z=32 &poi=default

And, a lot will be much more obvious once you are there..there are plenty of options. Keep doing your homework and choose once you are there.

My opinion, anyway.


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Jul 9, 2018 - 5:49 AM in reply to Roxy

To keep things easy that day I would just look at doing one or both of the following on your way to or from Schilthorn. https://www.myswissalp s.com/hiking/gruetscha lp-muerren

Once in Lauterbrunnen you take the cable car to Grütschalp and then hike to Mürren. On your way back to Lauterbrunnen you can cable car to Stechelberg and then hike back to Lauterbrunnen. Both hikes are quite easy. https://www.myswissalp s.com/hiking/lauterbru nnen-stechelberg

To figure out the best rail pass for your trip you need to do the math with the link on #6 on my last post. don't forget you get a free trip to Schilthorn with the Swiss Travel Pass (it is probably your best bet) https://www.myswissalp s.com/swisstravelpass/ validity

We don't note all the hikes in the region. As Slowpoke mentions, you'll find more to see/do once you are there as well. Be sure to pop into the local tourism offices for advice as well when you are there. But at least with us you'll have a good idea of what you want to do so you won't need to spend too much time there! :)

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Jul 9, 2018 - 10:58 AM in reply to Roxy

Hi Roxy,

>> 2. Do you know if the adventure packages offered at First for the Flyer/cart/trottibikes have discount with the Swiss Travel Pass? Because on the web I see they have a full fare, a discount for the Swiss half fare card and discount for children. They are really expensive so I don't know if for this the Half fare card makes more sense over the swiss travel pass.

Neither the Swiss Travel Pass nor the Swiss Half Fare Card provide a discount on the actual activities. Any discount you see is on the cost of the gondola ride to get up the mountain in order to do the activities. The discount on the gondola is 50% with both the Swiss Travel Pass and the Swiss Half Fare Card.


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