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Swiss flexi pass?

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Sep 19, 2011 - 10:41 AM
Hi there,

This site is absolutely lovely! I've been searching so much about my upcoming trip but I can't quite decide if I should get a pass or not. Here's my itinerary:

Day 1 - Rome - Zermatt
Day 2 - Zermatt
Day 3 - Zermatt - Murren
Day 4 - visiting junfrau + hike from kl. scheidegg to wengen.
Day 5 - Murren - Strasbourg

Extensive travel is only on 4 days (Day 1, 3, 4, 5) and getting a Swiss 4 Days flexi pass seems like a no brainer. I've done some calculations between getting a Swiss 3 Days flexi and 4 days flexi and the difference is pretty minimal.

From Rome - Zermatt - swiss pass is good for a discount at the leg from milan - brig (costs 13.60CHF, if not it'd be 33CHF), after which i enjoy free travel from brig to zermatt (which costs 36CHF)

From Zermatt - Murren, full fare costs 93.60CHF, which already made the decision of getting a pass worthwhile.

From Murren to visiting Jungfrau, there are the cable/train/cogways that I'd need to get on before reaching Wengen where i take the Jungfrau train. Taking returns trip of this into account would cost 33.60CHF. Plus the Swiss flexi pass gets me a 25% discount on jungfrau train.

From murren to Strasboug Ville, travel is covered till basel (which costs 96CHF). But from basel to strasbourg ville, will this be a discounted price? I've checked sbb.com and the only option available for reduction is GA, is this the same as that of Swiss flexi?

We've kind of decided on taking the 4 days flexi pass to ease things up, would that be something you'd recommend? We're leaving next Friday, really excited about this!
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Sep 19, 2011 - 2:22 PM
Hi travelyourway, and welcome! Well, the Swiss Saver Flexi Pass sounds like a good solution to me. In fact you could also go with the 3 day variant, using free travel days for day 1, day 3 and day 5. The truth is that you won't really profit from a free travel day on day 4, since these are relatively short distances and trains to the Jungfraujoch are discounted instead of for free anyway. So unless you plan to make a train journey on day 2 as well, the 3 day Swiss Saver Flexi Pass should suffice.

You've done well on your calculations! As for reduction options listed by the SBB timetable: yes, GA (meaning General Abonnement, which is a rail pass for Swiss residents) offers the same discounts as the Swiss Flexi Pass on free travel days. So if you want to calculate the price of your outbound journey, this is what you should select. The Swiss Flexi Pass is valid up to Basel. No further discounts apply to the German part of the route. Did you check the validity map we link to from the Swiss Flexi Pass page? It shows exactly where the pass is valid.

Since you're leaving next Friday, it may be worth to see if you can still manage to order online and have your passes delivered. In most cases, buying online is a lot cheaper than purchasing locally. Just enter your country of residence and other details in the upper right corner of the Swiss Flexi Pass page for an up to date overview of resellers and prices. If you click 'Show more information', you'll get to see all details including shipping information.
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new member
Sep 20, 2011 - 2:34 AM
Thanks Arno!

The reason why we were thinking of a 4 day pass is because we heard about the discounted travel on Jungfraujoch. So if i take a 3 days flexi and the day I'm traveling to Jungfrauroch, i get a 50% off travel up to Wengen right? From Wengen - Jungfraujoch, it's a 25% discount? Not sure if this discount differs if the flexi pass is used in this day. If it's 25% for Wengen-Jungfrau whether or not the pass is on a travel day, then I guess a 3 day pass is the best! Let me know if I've got this wrong.

Just wondering, to validate the swiss pass, i just need to do this at the first swiss station i arrive at? I'm arriving from Milan, traveling to Brig then onwards to zermatt. I should validate at Brig yeah?

Thanks a million! You've been so helpful!
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Sep 21, 2011 - 3:51 PM
Hi travelyourway! Yes, the discount between Wengen/Grindelwald and the Jungfraujoch is 25%, whether you use a free travel day or a discounted day. So all you'd get if you use a free travel day on day 4 of your itinerary, would be free traveling between Mürren and Wengen. In all, the 3 day Swiss Saver Flexi Pass would be cheaper than the 4 day variant.

You can validate your pass in Brig, but in many cases railway personnel on the international train from Milan to Brig can do it as well before reaching the border. In that case you can profit from free traveling from Domodossola onwards (as that's where the Swiss Flexi Pass validity starts).


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