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Lausanne city walk

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Lausanne, Escaliers du Marché

Pretty houses along the Escaliers du Marché (market stairs) in Lausanne.

A walk in Lausanne

Explore the historical town center of Lausanne. You'll walk along the picturesque narrow streets, the medieval cathedral and the impressive Palais de Rumine.


How to reach Lausanne, and how to find your way in the town center.


Facts City walk Lausanne

About this city walk

This walk allows you to get to know Lausanne in very little time. You'll walk from the station to the hilly town center and pass the St-François church to reach the luxurious shopping street Rue De Bourg. Next, you'll walk over to the medieval Note Dame Cathedral, and the l'Ancien Régime (Old Academy), dating back to 1587. Before walking back to the train station, you can admire the Renaissance style Palais de Rumine.

Tip: if you have time left, take the metro from Flon or the train station down to Ouchy and have a stroll along the lake.

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