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Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass - This is how it works

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How does the Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass work?

It is quite easy: on all the lines that allow unlimited traveling, you can board and enjoy the ride.

Pass validation

You need to make sure that the Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass is valid before you make your first trip. An e-ticket usually doesn't require any validation or activation. If you have purchased a voucher, you need to exchange that for the actual pass at any staffed train station in the region.

Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass travel days

The travel days are consecutive. Even if you don't travel on such a day, it still counts as a travel day.


There are two types of trips:

  • Trips on routes that allow unlimited traveling. You can board any train, bus, etc. on such routes. You do not need a ticket;
  • Trips on other routes. You need to arrange for a (discounted) ticket at the ticket office of staffed rail stations, from a ticketing machine, or online.

There are various cable cars that also allow free traveling. In such cases you may need to get a ticket as access gates require a specific ticket type. You can get a free ticket upon presenting your Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass.

Seat reservations

You do not need seat reservations for traveling in the Jungfrau region, although for Jungfraujoch it's recommend to do so on busy days. You can simply board with your Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass on all free routes. If you want seat reservations, you need to arrange for them separately. Seat reservations are not included in the pass.

About train seat reservations
About bus seat reservations

On board the trains and cableways

Once you're on board, you will need to present your Jungfrau Hiking and Sledging Pass to ticket controllers upon request. The controller may want to check your passport as well, to make sure you're the owner of the presented pass.

In case of cableways your pass will be checked before you board.

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