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Monte Generoso - How to get there

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How to travel to Monte Generoso

The cogwheel trains to the top depart from the main line train station 'Capolago-Riva S. Vitale'.

How to reach Capolago

Take the train to Capolago. This takes about 15 minutes from Lugano.

There are limited boat services to Capolago as well. The boat dock is a 5 minute walk from the train station. There is a parking lot across from the train station.

The ride to the top

Take to the cogwheel train to the top from the train station 'Capolago-Riva S. Vitale'.

Soon after departure, the train enters forests. A bit further it enters a tunnel to turn 180° and then reaches the stop 'Bellavista', meaning 'nice view". You would need to get off the train for good views here. After the stop Bellavista the views from the train get better as there are less trees. You'll see glimpses of the pretty Muggio valley and wonderful scenery of rolling hills. Most of the good views are on the right side of the train, but don't forget the left side for some very nice lake views.

Dates of operation

The trains operate from 28 March to 8 November 2020. Please check again later for further dates.

Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.


Find the train schedules. The station in the valley to travel to is 'Capolago-Riva S. Vitale'. The peak station is called 'Generoso Vetta', so fill that out as your destination.

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