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Monte San Salvatore - How to get there

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How to travel to Monte San Salvatore

The funicular to the top departs from Paradiso, a district of Lugano.

How to reach Lugano

Lugano can be reached by train and by car.

Section 1: reaching the funicular station

There are several ways to reach the funicular valley station in Paradiso:

  • By train, option 1: you can best travel to the train stop 'Lugano-Paradiso'. The walk to the funicular station takes less than 10 minutes;
  • By train, option 2: travel to the main station 'Lugano'. Then take a bus to the stop 'Paradiso, Geretta'. The ride takes 10 minutes. Then walk to the funicular in 2 minutes. Alternatively you can walk all the way in about 45 minutes;
  • By boat: it takes 5 minutes on foot to reach the funicular station from the boat dock 'Lugano-Paradiso (lago)';
  • By car: there's a parking lot at the funicular station.

Section 2: Paradiso to Monte San Salvatore

Take the funicular to the top. You'll need to switch to another funicular half-way up the mountain at Pazzallo. The whole ride takes 10 minutes.

Dates of operation

The funicular operates from 16 March to 3 November 2019 and 21 December 2019 to 6 January 2020. From 7 to 15 December 2019, and from 11 January to 8 March 2020, only weekend operation is available. There are no services from 4 November to 6 December 2019 due to maintenance. Please check again later for further dates.

Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.


Find public transport schedules for your trip. The valley station of the funicular is called 'Lugano-Paradiso MS'. The top station is called 'Monte San Salvatore'.

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