Details for the trip from Montreux to Rochers-de-Naye, Switzerland

The trip to Rochers-de-Naye

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How to travel to Rochers-de-Naye

The cogwheel train to Rochers-de-Naye departs from the rail station in Montreux. Montreux can be reached by train, car or boat.

The Rochers-de-Naye railway

The trip from Montreux to Rochers-de-Naye takes about an hour and can be done all year long. There are many wonderful views from both sides of the train. The best view, in our opinion, is to both the left and right when the train passes the last stop before the summit: La Perche.

Once the train has departed from the station in Montreux, it immediately enters a tunnel and starts climbing. After about 15 minutes, the train will reach the village of Glion, 300 m above Montreux. This is where the first steam trains to Rochers-de-Naye departed from in 1892.

Soon after Glion, the train will leave the urbanized areas of Montreux behind and enters the forested slopes. There are several stops along the way. After La Perche it's just five more minutes and two tunnels before the train reaches Rochers-de-Naye.


Check the timetable of the cogwheel trains.

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