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We value your and our privacy. We may have your data in case you create an account with us, contact us, or provide data to us in any other way. We will not sell your data or abuse it. We will not share your data with other parties, but exceptions may apply when:

  • you explicitly contact another party via us (e.g. submit a request for a custom made holiday package). Your data will be shared with the other party so that they can contact you;
  • you contact us about an issue with one of our partners. In such an event, we may need to forward your data to our partner, for example if your purchased a rail pass from our partner and have a question about your order;
  • we offer our content on other websites such as social media websites. In such a case we may use re-targeting technology to display our content to our website visitors/account owners who are visiting those platforms as well. Only a limited set of non-personally identifiable and non-sensitive user data will be used to accomplish this. Data will be used for this functionality only. Enabling the Do Not Track setting in your browser may prevent re-targeting, but this depends on each platform (see "Cookies set by others" for more options).

Data storage

We can help you better to prepare for your holidays if you create an account with us. A limited set of data will be stored in your account. This excludes payment and bank data, for example, as we do not sell anything. Your country of residence will be stored as that's useful to answer your questions and show you relevant information on our pages, e.g. about local travel agencies. We store your e-mail address to keep you informed about Switzerland (only on request) and to get in touch if needed.

Your data may be stored in one or more places. For example: your account data is stored in the database on the web server of our hosting provider. E-mail is stored on the servers of our e-mail client service, but not on our local computers. Data is also stored in backups.

We take the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seriously. We have taken precautions to store your data in as few places as possible, and we do so as safely as possible. We have firewalls, virus scanners and SSL connections in place to protect your data. We delete submitted form data when we no longer need it.

There are several things you can do yourself to protect your data: you can access and change the data in your account through your account page, or even delete your account. We recommend you to pick a password someone else can't guess, and to log off when you are done on our website.


We do not send you any e-mail unless you are interested in our messages. Details can be found here.


Cookies are small text files to store information. Your browser will store cookies on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are harmless in itself. The way cookies are used sometimes can potentially cause privacy issues that may or may not be perceived as a problem. Almost all websites use cookies. Cookies make a website user friendly as they can be used to store information and, for example, prevent you from making the same choices over and over again. is using cookies too. The cookies we use are safe and very common. You can instruct your browser to not store any cookies (or only specific ones). This is not recommend for our website. It may result in a less attractive website, the wrong information being displayed, and it may prevent you from logging into your account. More details about the cookies we use can be found below.

Cookies set by

The cookies below may be used when you visit our website:

  • Session cookies. These will be removed as soon as you leave the website;
  • A first party persistent cookie named 'msageneral' to save your settings (such as country of residence). This results in a more user friendly website as we will be able to show you the content that matters to you. This cookie does not contain any data that can be used to identify you. It will be stored for one year;
  • If you choose to login on your next visit, a number of first party persistent cookies will be set to make that possible. These cookies do not contain any data that can be used to identify you.

Cookies set by Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track website visits. Google Analytics is commonly used by millions of websites. It does not collect any personal information. For example, it counts how many times a particular page has been visited, but not who visited it. This helps us to see which content is most popular, and thus to prioritize our activities. Google Analytics sets a number of cookies. Read the Google Analytics security and privacy principles and technical documentation for more information.

Cookies set by others

Our pages may display ads or work with other services offered by third parties. Examples of such parties are Google Adsense, and Facebook.

Such parties may use cookies (or other technology like web beacons) to serve ads based on your prior visits our site and/or other sites on the internet, or to provide measurement services. We have no control over such cookies, but you have. You can set your cookie preferences and opt out of interest-based advertising and other services:

Our policy may be changed at any time. Last modification: August 23, 2017.

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