Must-knows about the graubündenPASS

  • The graubündenPASS pass only covers the canton of Graubünden.
  • It includes unlimited travel by train and bus.
  • The pass offers only a few discounts on cableways.
  • It’s available for north-western Graubünden, for south-eastern Graubünden, or for both areas.
Ticket type: Public transport pass
Season: all year
Valid for max. 14 days
Included area: Graubünden

What's included in the graubündenPASS? Copy link to clipboard

  • Unlimited traveling by train and bus in the canton of Graubünden.
  • There are discounts on a few cable cars.
  • Inner-city transport is included for free.
  • The graubündenPASS is valid for 2 days within 1 week, or for 5 days within 2 weeks.

Price of the graubündenPASS Copy link to clipboard

In 2023, a 2nd class graubündenPASS for 2 days in 1 week costs CHF 113. The 1st class price is CHF 144.


  • A 25% discount applies if you have a valid Swiss Half Fare Card at the time of traveling.
  • Junior Travelcard or Co-Children's Travelcard: children from 6 to and including 15 years old travel for free, even on routes where the parents just get a discount. They have to be accompanied by at least one parent with a graubündenPASS.
  • If not accompanied by a parent, children from 6 to 15 get a 50% discount on the pass.
  • Children up to 5 do not need a pass. They travel along for free.
  • There are no special fares for seniors.

Where to buy the graubündenPASS Copy link to clipboard

You'll find recommended vendors below.

Rail pass for Graubünden.

Offered by HappyRail:

  • Excellent prices in all currencies. No additional fees.
  • Extra Support: if you buy here, MySwissAlps can also assist if you have questions about your order.
  • Experienced team of train travel experts
This list includes external links to our trusted partners.

graubündenPASS promotions Copy link to clipboard

Find current promotions and discounts offered by the pass vendors.

There are currently no promotions available.

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graubündenPASS scenic train discounts Copy link to clipboard

Scenic trainDiscount
Bernina ExpressFree:
  • Entire route (train + bus)
More information:

Seat reservations: no discount.

Glacier ExpressFree:
  • Oberalp Pass to St. Moritz (train)
More information:

Zermatt to the Oberalp Pass: no discount. Seat reservations: no discount.

graubündenPASS mountain excursions Copy link to clipboard

CorvatschNo discount:
  • Surlej to Mount Corvatsch (cableway)
Parsenn-WeissfluhgipfelNo discount:
  • Davos to Weissfluhgipfel (funicular + cableway)

Free train and bus routes for graubündenPASS holders Copy link to clipboard

Austria to Switzerland No discount:
  • Austrian leg of the route
More information:
  • Swiss leg of the route: free
  • Landeck to Switzerland (bus): free
Italy to Switzerland No discount:
  • Italian leg of the route
More information:
  • Swiss leg of the route: free
  • Example border train station: Tirano
  • Bormio to Switzerland (bus): free
  • Chiavenna to Switzerland (bus): free
  • Livigno to Switzerland (bus): free
  • Mals/Malles to Switzerland (bus): free
  • Tirano to Lugano (bus): free

The graubündenPASS coverage map Copy link to clipboard

The map shows you where you can travel. That's basically all trains and buses in Graubünden, plus a few cableways. Urban transport in Chur, Davos, Scuol, and St. Moritz is included too.

GraubündenPASS map 2023

How the map works

  • The lines on the map indicate free routes (train and bus rides) or discounted routes (selected mountain rides).
  • Traveling with the graubündenPASS applies to all trains that operate on the indicated lines and that are listed in the timetables. The train type (InterCity, local, panoramic) and the operating company do not matter. Panoramic trains such as the Glacier Express (between the Oberalppass and St. Moritz) and Bernina Express (the entire route) are thus included, except for seat reservations.
  • There's a north-western zone and a south-eastern zone. If you buy a graubündenPASS for both zones, the entire validity map applies.

How does the graubündenPASS work?

The travel days can be used as you like, either consecutively or non-consecutively. Simply hop on and off trains and buses as you like.

How to select your graubündenPASS travel days

This is how you pick a travel day:

  • Log into the website using the details on your purchase receipt.
  • Select a date from the calendar.
  • Select one of the below options to get a day ticket:
    • Print ticket: this will download a PDF document with your ticket. We recommend this option because you can store the document on your phone (or tablet) just like any other PDF document, and show it on request. This works even when you are offline. You can print the document, but that’s not required.
    • Add to wallet: this adds the ticket to a wallet app. This normally also works when offline.
    • Show ticket: this shows the ticket but does not store it anywhere.

Obtain your day ticket before you start traveling, not when you’re already on board. You can cancel a day ticket until the day before it is valid. We recommend obtaining your day tickets in the evening or the morning prior to traveling. That way you minimize the chance that your travel plans change.

If you do not have internet access while traveling, be sure to obtain your day ticket before you leave your accommodation, so you can log on via the Wifi there.


There are two types of trips for routes included in the graubündenPASS:

  1. Trips on routes that allow free traveling. You can just board any train or bus, etc. on such routes. You do not need a ticket.
  2. Some trips by mountain transport allow discounted traveling. You need to arrange for a discounted ticket at the ticket office of the cableway. Show your pass to get the discount.

Seat reservations

You do not need seat reservations for 99% of all trains and buses in Graubünden. You can just board with your graubündenPASS.

Exceptions are some international trains and some panoramic trains like the Bernina Express and Glacier Express. If you need or want seat reservations, you need to arrange for them separately. Seat reservations are not included in the graubündenPASS.

On board the train

Once you’re on board, you will need to present your graubündenPASS to ticket controllers upon request. The controller may want to check your passport as well, to make sure you’re the owner of the presented pass.

graubündenPASS FAQ

  1. How do I know if the graubündenPASS is my best option?

    The graubündenPASS is a good fit if you don’t travel every day, don’t travel a lot on cableways, and if you only travel within the canton of Graubünden. In that case, the flexibility and ticketless traveling might be worth it for you. If you need more, find alternatives here.

  2. I need more travel days, what can I do?

    The graubündenPASS offers no benefits on the remaining days. If you need more travel days, consider an additional Swiss Half Fare Card, or buy a Swiss Travel Pass instead of the graubündenPASS.

  3. I will only travel locally, not in all of Graubünden: what’s best?

    Apart from a graubündenPASS for all of Graubünden, you can also choose a version for just 1 zone: north-west or south-east. This is about 30% cheaper. We only recommend this if you’re sure you’ll be traveling in a small area.

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