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Suggested hotels in Mürren

Mürren is pretty small. Nearly all hotels are within 10 minutes on foot from either the train station or the cableway station. These stations are the place to start your day trips. Still, some hotels are more centrally located than others. If your hotel is farther away the staff can pick up you and your luggage from the station. We have listed the best hotels in various locations, and various price categories as well: budget to 4-star.

The hotels provide a free Visitor's Card when checking in. The card provides various discounts on local attractions and cableways. Note that if you own a rail pass, you will usually get a better discount.


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Mürren, Hotel Eiger

The Eiger opened in 1892 and currently is the top hotel in Mürren. Apart from impressive views of the Bernese Alps, it offers a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, lounge, terrace, jacuzzi, sauna, solarium and massage services. The hotel is easy to reach as it's right next to the train station.

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Mürren, Alpina Hotel

We selected the Alpina Hotel because of its popularity and scenic location. It's on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley and Bernese Alps. You can just sit down on the balcony and enjoy the area from there.

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Mürren, Hotel Blumental

This popular hotel is located in the center of Mürren, close to all the transport systems. The hotel is surrounded by restaurants but also has a restaurant of its own.

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Mürren, Hotel Edelweiss

The Edelweiss is sitting at the edge of the cliff so nearly all rooms have a stunning view on the mountains. The terrace offers a panoramic view as well. There's an in-house restaurant. This hotel is very popular for good reason.

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Mürren, Hotel Jungfrau

Hotel Jungfrau is located in a quiet street just above the main street of the village, and only two minutes from the Allmendhubel funicular. This well reviewed hotel has an in-house restaurant. Book a superior room for the best view of the Bernese Alps.

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Mürren, Eiger Guesthouse

Small affordable hotel right next to the Mürren train station, so easy to reach! There's a pool, bar, restaurant and terrace. Book a superior room for the best views.

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Mürren, Hotel Alpenruh

Excellent hotel next to the Schilthorn cable car station, with several rooms offering a panoramic mountain view. There's a restaurant and a sauna.

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