CO2 compensation for your trip to Switzerland

Compensate for the CO2 emission of your trip to Switzerland

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Must knows about CO2 compensation

  • The Alps are suffering from global warming. Traveling contributes to the problem;
  • Do not stay at home; compensating for your CO2 emission is easy and not expensive;
  • Your donation will be used for reforestation and investments in renewable energy;
  • You'll be a responsible traveler!

Responsible travelers compensate for the CO2 emission of their trips.

How you can compensate

The Alps are suffering

The Swiss Alps we all love and wish to visit are suffering heavily from global warming. The glaciers are melting. Warm summers and severe weather are more frequent. The number of white peaks in summer is decreasing.

Glaciologists predict that almost all glaciers will disappear over the next decades if global warming continues. The time has come to be a responsible traveler, as traveling contributes to the problem. Do not stay at home. Come and enjoy the Alps, but care for the environment, and compensate for the CO2 emission of your trip.

Be a responsible traveler: donate to Myclimate

Will you be traveling by plane or by car? Make a small payment to compensate for the CO2 emission of those trips. It's only a fraction of your holiday budget. ​You'll make a difference! Here are ways to do it:

  • Go to, calculate the emission of your trip and choose from the various way to compensate;
  • Your airline or car rental company may offer CO2 offsetting too.

We are well aware that transportation is not the only source of CO2. But it's directly related to traveling and easy to compensate for. Do you want do to more? Please look here.

What will Myclimate do with my money?

What is Myclimate?

Myclimate is a foundation that emerged in 2002 from a project by students and professors at the Zurich university for technology and natural sciences (ETH). Their goal is to protect the climate (and therefore mankind), by creating a society with a high standard of living but very low greenhouse gas emissions.

One of their principles is "Do the best and offset the rest": ​make your CO2 footprint as small as possible, and compensate for the remaining emission. For us as travelers, that translates to: choose an eco-friendly mode of transport (e.g. train) and compensate for the emission of trips you can't avoid (e.g. by car and plane).

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Example projects

If you donate to Myclimate, your money will be used to offset your CO2 emission. They have many projects around the world to do so. A few examples:

  • Reforestation: we simply need more trees!
  • Energy efficiency: saving energy reduces CO2 emissions too;
  • Implement renewable energy: the transition from fossil to clean sources of energy (hydro power, wind, solar, biomass) is inevitable;
  • Education: people can make the right choices if they know about the problems and the solutions.

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Example donations

  • A flight from London to Zurich and back causes 0.38 tonnes of CO2. A donation of CHF 11 makes your trip eco-friendly;
  • A car trip from Amsterdam to Zurich and back causes 0.49 tonnes of CO2. A donation of CHF 14 makes your trip eco-friendly;
  • A flight from New York to Zurich and back causes 2.3 tonnes of CO2. A donation of CHF 67 makes your trip eco-friendly;
  • A flight from Singapore to Zurich and back causes 4 tonnes of CO2. A donation of CHF 113 makes your trip eco-friendly;

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