2.5 days – Need suggestions

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    7 June 2015 at 10:06:19 #807359

    Folks, my wife and I are making a 2 days (theoretically 2.5 days) stop over in Switzerland on October 1-4. We are flying in Geneva (October 1st evening) and fly out from Basel (October 4th evening). Our main interest are in (1) Natural scenic places, (2) Alpine experience, (3) Old town sight-seeing.

    I tried to steal some ideas from few recent posts, but still gaps and doubts are there. We will be travelling around by trains/buses or cable cars, wherever necessary. Lauterbrunnen can be base for all 3 nights or I can split, if necessary.

    2nd October: Lauterbrunnen – Grutchalp – Murren – Schilthorn cable car station – Birg – Schilthorn. While coming back – Schilthorn – Birg – Trümmelbach Fall – Lauterbrunnen

    3rd October: 4th October: Lauterbrunnen to Lake Thun – Bern. After giving couple of hours, we have to reach Mulhouse/Basel (Airport) by 5 PM.

    What should we see on second day ? We are ok to take little longer train, if necessary. Should we prefer to see some beautiful Medieval town/village or any other scenic place ? Earlier, I thought of seeing other side of Lauterbrunnen (Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg side), but would it not be kind of same scenery as Murren side ? Or should I think of Lucern going via Lake Brienz ? Or any car day trip or train trip ? Or any other advice ?


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    8 June 2015 at 18:55:59 #843680

    Hi dipan2222,

    Thanks for seeking advice here! With 2.5 days available, I would not split bases. Just pick one and use your time efficiently. Lauterbrunnen is a good idea. It’s beautiful there early October (if the weather is fine of course), and you have easy access to Mürren and the rest of the region. Get a Swiss Half Fare Card, and do day trips from there. You definitely don’t need a car.

    There are many options for day 2: hiking, the cogwheel train up to the Brienzer Rothorn, the open air Museum in Ballenberg, Schynige Platte, caves, gorges. Please see here for more ideas.

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    8 June 2015 at 20:32:15 #843681

    Hi Annika,

    Wengen side and Murren side are two sides of Lauterbrunnen Valley. Being in same area, wouldn’t they kind of same sceneries ? May be, I need to opt for other day trip ?

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    9 June 2015 at 4:17:04 #843682

    Well, “kind of” indeed since it’s the same region, but it’s not identical. You have plenty of other options for day trips though.

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