5 days in Switzerland! :)

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    I would like to begin by complimenting this wonderful forum and the information provided.

    My wife and I are are booked to stay in Switzerland for 5 days on our way back from Canada.
    We land in Zurich on 11th July @ 11:30 AM and Depart Zurich on 16th July @ 12:00 noon

    At the moment, we wish to reside for 2 nights in Montreux and 3 nights in Lucerne.

    We have the following we wish to see, however, not sure of the best way to accomplish as much of it as possible. (perhaps even ALL of it). Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Chateu de Chillon
    2. Montreux Jazz Festival
    3. Geneva
    4. Chocolate and Cheese Factory tour (Broc, I believe?)
    5. Any Swiss watch factory tour/museums?

    6. Jungfrau
    7. Riechenbach falls
    8. Lake Lucerne
    9. Lugano
    10. Maybe even St.Moritz??
    11. Interlaken (must see to go to Jungfrau??)

    I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest!

    Also, from the MANY railway options available, it seems that the Swiss Saver pass would be appropriate to complete our journey with?

    Thank you!


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    Hi N,

    Welcome to MySwissAlps and thanks for your compliments! As for your questions: you won’t be able to complete everything on your list in the 4 full days that you have. I would recommend to use this map and the timetable to see where everything is located and how much time it takes to reach these places. I would pick the places that are easy to be reached from Montreux and Lucerne and skip the rest.

    This would be one of many options:

    • July 11: Travel to Montreux and visit the Jazz Festival. Possibly travel via Bienne to visit the Omega museum.
    • July 12: Chocolate Train excursion
    • July 13: Visit Château de Chillon and Geneva (perhaps take a look in the Musée de l'Horlogerie)
    • July 14: Travel to Lucerne via the Golden Pass (Montreux – Zweisimmen – Interlaken – Lucerne)
    • July 15: Visit the Jungfrau and Reichenbach Falls. Interlaken itself is nice but not a must see. It’s surroundings are stunning though.
    • July 16: Travel to Zurich Airport

    If you don’t mind a very long day on the 14th, you could check the timetable to see whether you can visit the Jungfrau along the way from Montreux to Lucerne. In that case, you can do a boat trip on Lake Lucerne on the 15th.

    Either an 8-day Swiss Saver Pass or an 4-day Swiss Saver Flexi Pass will do.

    Have fun!

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    17 June 2012 at 13:42:15 #836462

    Dear Arno,

    Thank you for your advice. This is how we wanted to try our journey:

    July 11: Travel to Montreux, visit the Omega museum as suggested by you and the Montreux Jazz festival.
    July 12: Chocolate Train excursion & Chateau de Chillon
    July 13: Golden Pass – Jungfrau on the way to Lucerne
    July 14: Wilhelmtell to Lugano (Boat + Train ride)
    July 15: Relax in Lucerne
    July 16: Travel to Zurich

    Does this seem realistic?

    Thank you!


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    17 June 2012 at 14:36:33 #836463

    That’s a fine itinerary. Enjoy it!

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    Hi there, I don’t think you will be able to do Chocolate train excursion and Chateau de Chillon on the same day – we went on the Choc train excursion and it takes all day – by the time you get back the chateau will have closed. you could do it the day before instead of the Omega museum. Maggie

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    18 June 2012 at 13:05:47 #836465

    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for your input. We’ll keep that in mind. How was your experience with the Choc train? Is there anything in particular you suggest we see that’s worth seeing while we’re there in Switzerland?

    Thank you!

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    18 June 2012 at 16:43:16 #836466

    We really enjoyed the chocolate train excursion as the whole day was interesting. Follow the link in Arno’s post and you can download a detailed brochure/itinerary with prices etc. Bear in mind you need to reserve your place – this can be done at any manned rail station not just in Montreux – we did it in Biel.
    suggestion for July 15 in Lucerne – if weather is fine Rigi Kulm is a nice excursion and will be free if you have a Swiss pass – take boat to Vitznau, then train to Rigi Kulm – you can return same way or take train down to Aard-Gothau and return to Lucerne by train. Or look into the Pilatus Golden round trip. If weather not good try the excellent Transport Museum or the Glacier Museum.

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