Advice 6 days in Switzerland

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    26 July 2015 at 23:36:57 #807633


    I’m planning to visit Switzerland for 6 days. The cities I’m visiting are Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Interlaken, Jung, Zermatt. After than, I’m travelling to Munich.

    Which rail pass should I buy?

    Thank you so much for your help! The rail passes are a bit confusing.

    Warm regards 🙂

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    27 July 2015 at 11:27:50 #844767

    Hi huiyan,

    The passes to choose from are:

    • 8-day Swiss Travel Pass: trains to all towns are included, except Jungfraujoch (is that what you mean?). Jungfraujoch is free to Wengen or Grindelwald, and the remaining leg is 25% discounted.
    • Swiss Half Fare Card: allows you to buy tickets for all trips with a 50% discount.

    Please see the links for how the passes work, where to buy, what’s included, etc. You choice will depend on the day trips (cable cars, boats) you do from these towns, and whether you mind buying tickets all the time (Swiss Half Fare Card), or prefer most of it to be included (trains, boats, buses and museums are included in the Swiss Travel Pass).

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    27 July 2015 at 12:37:05 #844768

    Hi Arno,

    Thanks for your reply! 😀

    Can we buy the rail passes in Switzerland itself or must we buy in advance?

    Warm regards,

    Hui Yan

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    27 July 2015 at 13:00:06 #844769

    You’re welcome Hui Yan!

    You can see all the purchase options if you click to the Price section of the pass pages I gave you. You don’t have to buy in advance, but it’s the cheaper and more convenient option. As you live in Singapore I would recommend to take a look at pass/swiss-pass, and use the discount codes on special-offers/great-deals-to-tour-Europe to save a bit more.

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    28 July 2015 at 7:26:05 #844770

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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