Advice on Swiss itinerary and Pass

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    I have read and browsed around to plan our Swiss trip, but I feel it would be best to get advice from someone experienced and knowledgeable 🙂

    My wife and I (Singapore residents) will be visiting Switzerland for 6 days in October:
    day 1: from Milan to Lauterbrunnen
    day 2: Lauterbrunnen
    day 3: Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne
    day 4: Lucerne
    day 5: Lucerne to Zurich
    day 6: Zurich, evening flight back to Singapore

    1. From my rough estimation, I think the Swiss Saver Pass for 2 pax for 4 days will be the best option for us (day 1-4) to cover the train ticket from Chiasso-Lauterbrunnen and then all transport until day 4 and if we want to go up the mountains. Is this right?

    2. Could someone suggest activities/places to visit for Lauterbrunnen and Lucerne? We love nature, mountain, trails, etc.. but we are on a budget, for example, from what I have read, seems like Schiltorn is cheaper than Jungfraujoch so we would prefer the former 🙂

    Many thanks!

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    25 September 2013 at 9:21:16 #839258

    Hi viola,

    Thanks for posting here.

    1. If you want free and unlimited traveling then a 4-day Swiss Saver Pass would indeed best be used on day 1 to 4. The decision also depends on what exactly you want to do in/around Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne and Zurich. A Swiss Saver Flexi Pass for 3 or 4 days may also work. If for example, you want to travel extensively in Zurich, do a boat trip or visit museums in Zurich or Lucerne, it could make sense to have a pass on day 5 or 6 (so use the pass on day 1, 3, 5 and/or 6, and get discounts on day 2).

    Swiss Pass/Swiss Flexi Pass prices can be found here. Don’t forget the promo codes for a discount.

    2. The regular fare of the Schilthorn is indeed cheaper than the Jungfrau. Also your pass will get you a 50% discount on the Schilthorn. You’ll get 25% off the Jungfrau. Hiking suggestions are here. There are excellent museums in Lucerne: Glacier Garden is free with your pass, the Swiss Transport Museums is 50% off. Also you can do a train trip up the Rigi, which is free with the pass.

    More information that may come in handy: Further tips to save money, Hotels near the rail station in Lucerne, Hotels near the rail station in Zurich.

    Enjoy your stay!

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    4 October 2013 at 4:52:44 #839259

    Hi Arno,

    Thank you so much for your reply!

    I think we will get the 4-day Swiss Saver Pass for 2 pax.
    From the website, it seems that I can buy and collect it in Singapore, but it is more expensive than buying it in Switzerland (about 36 CHF difference). Can you advise if it is easy to buy it in Chiasso station? Is it from a ticket sales office? What are the opening hours like?
    We will be coming from Milan, so I assume Chiasso is where we will buy the Pass, right?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Also, do we need to make any prior reservations for any of the train journeys?

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    Hi viola,

    Reservations will not be necessary, except perhaps for the train from Italy to Switzerland. That depends on the train. Details are here. You can also order the pass directly from the webshop of the Swiss railways, and have it delivered to Singapore in 5 working days. That’s a bit cheaper than the other option. The pass they will ship to you can be validated by yourself, so you can immediately use it. If you choose to buy in Chiasso, which is indeed the best place for you, you will have to leave the train and wait for the next one. It’s up to you if that’s worth the price difference. Opening hours of all stations can be found on the SBB website. You’ll have to go to the manned ticket desk.

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