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    We arrive in Zurich early October and will be staying in Spiez for 1 week. We’re looking at purchasing the Half Fare Card and also the “2 for 1” Bernese Oberland Regional Pass as this will definitely cover any travel options for our time in Switzerland.

    However, before we try to order these passes online we are not sure we have our prices correct and thought we better check we have worked this out correctly. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    We are a couple travelling together. So, Half Fare Card is 99 CHF and then BO Pass would be 90 CHF = 189 CHF/person. Have we got this right?


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    Hello annic! The Swiss Half Fare Card indeed costs CHF 99.00 per person. You can order your Swiss Half Fare Cards online by selecting your country under the header ‘Order your Swiss Half Fare Card here’ at the Swiss Half Fare Card page.

    Through the STC order system, which you will enter when ordering your Swiss Half Fare Card as mentioned above, you can order along the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland with the special offer. I found a slightly different price than the one you mentioned. Assuming that you want to purchase a 7 day pass with 3 days of free travel in 2nd class (is that correct?), this costs CHF 184.00 per person for holders of a Swiss Half Fare Card, as listed in the STC price overview. The 2nd pass will be for free, so this is CHF 92.00 per person.

    So the total price would be CHF 99.00 + CHF 92.00 = CHF 191.00 per person.

    I hope this answers your question!

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