Difference between Swiss Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass

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    20 April 2013 at 7:53:43 #805937

    Hello there,
    I plan to visit Switzerland next July. Actually, I visited it 19 years ago. It is fantastic.
    My questions are:-
    1- Would you please suggest beautiful places and cities to go to with my wife and daughter as I want to give them a surprise?
    2- Where can I find low price factory outlets there?
    3- What are the differences between Swiss Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass other than flexible non consequent used days?….Can we use boats, trains, buses exactly the same in both types?
    Thanks and best wishes,

  • Annika
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    21 April 2013 at 10:43:59 #838482

    Hello George! Great that you’re returning to Switzerland after so many years. I think you should do some research first before composing your itinerary. Of course I can recommend places, but there are so many that it helps if you can indicate your preferences (cultural actvities, scenery, landscapes, train rides, viewing points, duration of your stay, plans to stay in one basetown or to travel throughout the country? etc). You could start off with browsing this forum (search for ‘travel reports for example to read about other visitors’ experiences) and the sections on the Bernese Oberland, Graubünden and Wallis, including the day trips sections. The timetable and hotel overviews may also be of help.

    I know of a factory outlet near Lugano (Foxtown in Mendrisio) and in Murgenthal (Outletpark). I don’t have personal experiences there though.

    The Swiss Pass is described here, the Swiss Flexi Pass here. You’ve mentioned the most important difference, but note that the Swiss Flexi Pass also grants a 50% discount on non-free travel days and that its validity can be stretched to one month (it’s valid from your first up to and including your last free travel days). On free travel days, the Swiss Flexi Pass works exactly like the Swiss Pass.

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    26 April 2013 at 12:36:06 #838483

    Dear Annika
    Thank you very much for your kind reply.
    I plan to stay 6 days in Switzerland, mainly in Zurich.
    I am gonna buy Swiss pass to use to vist the following.
    1- one day :- The Rhine falls.
    2- Second go to Lucerne and Mt Titlis.
    3- Third day : Interlaken and Mt Jungfrau.
    4- fourth Logano.
    5- Fifth Geneva
    Humm don’t know may be full day in Zurich.
    I would like to ask about Mt. Rigi, Mt Titlis and Mt. Jungfrau. Should I see them all, or they are just similar.
    Thank you very much again and best wishes.

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    27 April 2013 at 6:36:06 #838484

    Hi George! Did you check traveling times in the timetable I mentioned? If I understand it correctly, you plan to make day trips from Zurich, right? In that case you’ve planned quite some long transfers, especially to and from Lugano and Geneva. Make sure you have enough time left to enjoy the surroundings. I think I’d rather skip some of the longer trips if I were you and focus just a few regions (Zurich, Lucerne and Interlaken would already by quite a lot for a 6 days’ stay). You could incorporate a full day in Geneva if you end your trip there and book your return flight/train trip from Geneva. As for the mountains you mention: they’re all different and if weather is clear, it would be great to visit them all. If you have to make choices though, I would advise Rigi over Titlis. That’s because you can easily combine it with a boat trip over lake Lucerne and because the entire trip is for free with a Swiss Pass (whereas Engelberg-Titlis is discounted by 50%).

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    27 April 2013 at 16:36:36 #838485

    Thank you Annika

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