Geneva to Bergamo by train with stopover

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    3 June 2015 at 7:51:49 #807342

    Hi. We are a family of five (2 adults, three kids aged 8,3 an 2). We are travelling from Norway to Geneva in the end of June. From there we are going by train to Bergamo (Italy). The plan so far is train from Geneva to Domodossola and the Centovalli Line from Domodossola to Locarno. Stay there one night, and then train from Locarno to Bergamo.

    First of all: Is this a good plan (especially considering travelling with the two youngest)? The worry I have is that the Centovalli Line is more for the grown ups, and they will get bored?

    And second: If we travel this route, is it cheaper to buy Swiss Passes (we’re also travelling from the airport to Prangins where we’re staying whilst in Switzerland).

    If you have any other helpfull tips and suggestion I’ll be gratefull for all help with the planning:)

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    Hi tweetyr78, and welcome to MySwissAlps!

    I think your plan is fine. The Centovalli Line takes 2 hours, but the entire trip from Geneva to Locarno is about 5 hours of traveling. I guess the Centovalli line might be fun for the 8 year old if he/she is still interested after the train ride to get there 😉 Traveling might be tiresome for the two youngest, but that’s more of a general issue and not so much related to the Centovalli line.

    As for rail passes: just Geneva via Domodossola and Locarno to Chiasso (Swiss border) is not enough to make a pass worth it. But, depending on your plans in Prangins (day trips, etc.), Swiss Half Fare Cards could be worth it. You need two for the adults. The 8-year old travels for free with the free Swiss Family Card you can order along. The 3 and 2 year old travel for free in any case. If you decide to buy regular tickets, then buy a Junior travelcard for the 8-year old.

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    Dear Annika.

    Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, the two youngest might find it a bit boring anyhow (But there is nothing an Ipad won’t fix I reckon:)). It is possible to make a quicker (and less scenery route) from Geveva to Bergamo via Milano. But regarding the Expo 2015 is at the same time, I thought it best to avoid Milano. Do you think I’m right in taking the “slow” and scenery route instead?

    And I wondered, if ordering the Half fare card througt the cheapest option ACP Rail, how can I order the Family Card? That does not com as an option when buying the Half Fare Cards..

    Looking forward to hear from you:)

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    4 June 2015 at 8:21:14 #843626

    Hi tweetyr78,

    If you have the time, the scenic route is absolutely worth it. Indeed an iPad works very well for kids! If you provide them with earphones they have their game sounds without disturbing the other passengers.

    You can get the Swiss Half Fare Cards for the adults through, but unfortunately they can’t offer the Swiss Family Card yet. However, you can get it for free at the rail station of Geneva airport upon showing your Swiss Half Fare Cards.

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